Pictorialis changes

April 26th, 2004

I have made some small changes to Pictorialis which are reflected in the new download.
– Two different methods of creation of thumbnails
– Choose a small area of the picture
– Chose whole picture
– Now has the ability of using NetPBM instead of GD, option in wp-admin/post.php
– Better upload code, faster processing
– Addition of extra code to weed out posts with no pictures. This blog now produces thumbnails of posts which have pictures and thus pictorialis can now be used as a full text blog as well without penalty.

There are some more updates and fixes planned, they will come as and when time permits.




  1. brad says:

    hi, i really like your script – its exactly what ive been looking for! i installed it to sort of test it out the other day and it worked great! i decided to do a fresh install this afternoon and convert my blog over to it but now im running into problems when i upload photos even though im doing things the same way on the same server!

    do you have the version from a few days ago still online somewhere so i could just use that instead of trying to debug this? :)

  2. Mark (58 comments.) says:

    Yes I do, for just that reason! Get it at

    Spread the word and give the new one a shot when you get a chance. You will like it!

  3. Benoit (4 comments.) says:

    Hi there. I’ve installed Pictorialist this morning to give it a shot. As I have not yet migrated from MT to WP, it’s the best time to try out, throw out, rince, repeat. :-)

    My question is this: from what I see, Pictorialis generates a post with the large picture and creates a thumbnail which is for reference/archive. What I am looking for is pretty much the reverse of this: I wish for a post to hold a number of thumbnails, and when a thumbnail is clicked, it takes you to a post with the large picture. Is that doable with Pictorialis, taking into account I’m far from being a programmer.

  4. Mark (58 comments.) says:

    If you have a little bit of patience, I can tell you that is the next feature creep of Pictorialis. I will provide the option of either choosing one big picture or a bunch of thumbnails (clickable) for a single post. That should give people the opportunity of building galleries out of WordPress as well. :)
    I might have this done this coming weekend, but no promises.

  5. Benoit (4 comments.) says:

    Well, knowing it’s coming, I certainly can have the patience. :)

    Besides, I still have plenty of stuff to learn about WB and how to tweak it to be exactly what I want. It does raise one extra question. I saw when I installed Pictorialis the first time it’s the full WP package. IF WordPress is already installed and configured on a system, is it – or would it be – possible to install Pictorialis over, without losing everything that has been configured, i.e. plugins, CSS, etc.

  6. Craig (2 comments.) says:

    You could install Pictorialis in its own folder, separate from your existing WP installation. You could still use the same database, however, by specifiying a unique field prefix. For example, the default is wp_ for WordPress; you could use pix_ in your wp-config.php file for your Pictorialis WP installation. That way, both installs can use the same database.

    Hope this makes sense.

  7. Benoit (4 comments.) says:

    It sure does. Thanks! :) I’m quite new at this, but I must say so far I’m finding any fix I’m pointed to is easier to implement than the ones I messed with in MT. That’s a very pleasant surprise indeed.

  8. Amanda (1 comments.) says:

    Can you please help me? I am getting an error message and I have installed this like 5 times. please help!!!

  9. Mark (58 comments.) says:

    Can you tell me what kind of error you are getting? Send me an email if you like at dinki at mac dot com

  10. Benoit (4 comments.) says:

    Hi Mark. Any hint as to when the thumbnails posts will be creeping in yet?

  11. Mark (58 comments.) says:

    Thumbnails posts will be in the next version, which will be released after WordPress 1.2 Final is out. So maybe in another couple of weeks.


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