WordPress Theme Releases for 03/17




Titan is a clean brown and white, two column theme.



Three column, fixed width, with a image rotator with a large content area for big photos or videos.



Concrete is a 2 Column stylish wordpress theme with some transparency effect and a grungy stone like background for that i named it “Concrete“. It’s a simple yet appealing theme giving your blog impressive look by beautifully used icons, content and twitter widget integration which automatically picks 3 last tweets from your twitter account and displays it with animated effect achieved using jQuery. It is fully WordPress 2.7 ready and well designed by every aspect such as search form buttons, comment area and quote style.

Typography WP

Typography WP

A WordPress theme, using simple lines and nice typography. Some of the futures: drop down menu, threaded comments, control panel, different color scheme, different backgrounds and much more.

Simple Paper

Simple Paper

Simple Paper comes with a unique design (left-aligned), fixed menu, stylized comments, paginated posts and easily editable CSS.

Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane

Two column WordPress child theme for the Thematic framework by Ian Stewart. Sugar Cane’s strength is that it makes both long and short posts look great and easy to read




  1. Mohan (5 comments.) says:

    I like the themes Concrete and Typography. Will try them out very soon. Thanks for posting the new themes.

  2. nux says:

    Really like Concrete very appealing and unique.

  3. Carrie (12 comments.) says:

    Great themes. Thanks for posting them. I love testing them all out. :)

  4. StoneCS (1 comments.) says:

    I hate to go against the crowd, but I might as well be honest. I don’t like any of them. I’ve been looking for quite awhile for a professional looking theme at an amateur price. I hate to have to settle for something that’s just OK, or fork over a bunch of money to have one custom built.

    I wish there was a site that you could throw together a theme in an online WYSIWYG type generator, and add your details without having to touch the code. If anyone knows of something like that, please send me a message or comment it on my blog.

    Sorry about the rant, but maybe this is why there’s only 3 comments out of almost 2800 views. B)>

  5. tasarhane (4 comments.) says:

    CrushPress is looking nice..!

  6. Tan The Man (37 comments.) says:

    CrushPress is a nice one…

  7. Banago (84 comments.) says:

    Very nice theme we have this week.

  8. Joe @ Synergy (3 comments.) says:

    Tell you what, these these keep getting better and better. Almost every theme posted this month has been, for the most part, useable.

  9. Trisha says:

    @StoneCS – actually there are several decent Theme Generators available online – try Googling “wordpress theme generator”. They may not do 100% of everything you’d want, but they’ll give you a great customized theme that you can tweak a bit further with graphics and some minor CSS changes.

    Personally I really liked Typography for it’s clean look and simple design that can easily be modified thru it’s own settings and some CSS changes, and CrushPress is also very nice.

    Thanks for listing these!

  10. Ivan | Irish Blogger (2 comments.) says:

    Concrete is my favourite!

    Just one question – would those themes work on WPMU? And is there a site that explains what makes a theme compatible with WPMU actaully?

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