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WordPress and the White Screen of Death

August 17th, 2010
WordPress, WordPress Troubleshooting

Nothing can be more unsettling than an obvious problem with absolutely no error or diagnostic message, and that’s exactly what the infamous white screen of death is. Imagine that you were changing a setting on your blog, installing or upgrading a plugin, upgrading to the latest version of WordPress, or simply returning to your blog at the start of a new day, and you see nothing but white. Unfortunately, the white screen of death became all too well-known in the WordPress community when a few incompatible plugins began to cause the issue after users upgraded to WordPress 3. Today, most white screens of death are either caused by plugins or themes (theme functions can sometimes interfere with core WordPress functions). If you want to immediately attempt to find the culprit, you can enable debug mode, but even that can produce nothing more than a blank screen, so why not attack […]

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