WordPress Plugin Releases for 08/16

August 16th, 2010
WordPress Plugins

New plugins

Custom Post Permalinks will set up custom post type permalinks for non-hierarchical permalinks which have the flexibility of blog post permalinks.

Dev Corner Badge places a highly visible marker in the upper corner of every post/page to denote a development site.

Favicon Rotator is a free plugin for WordPress that makes it incredibly simple to add a favicon to your site. Favicon Rotator uses WordPress’ own media management features to upload and add a favicon to your site so there is nothing new to learn.

Trigger Warning allows you to wrap content in quicktags to hide it. Readers can choose to read the trigger content by clicking on the “Show” button.

WP Tweet Button implements Twitter’s own Tweet Button on your blog or site. The tweet button can be positioned as you please and can be styled to your delight in the settings page.

Updated plugins

Fast Secure Contact Form lets your visitors send you a quick E-mail message and blocks all common spammer tactics.

Simple Twitter Connect is a series of plugins that lets you add any sort of Twitter functionality you like to a WordPress blog.

Twitter Goodies will show your twitter tweets under Sidebar Area (Widget) and Post and/or Pages.

Twitter Tools integrates your WordPress blog with your Twitter account allowing you to send new blog posts to Twitter as a tweet and vice versa.

WPBook enables you to pull recent blog posts from your blog in to Facebook, and allow Facebook users to enter comments. Their comments show up on your blog whether accessed directly or through Facebook, and regular blog comments will show up in Facebook as well.




  1. Roger Stinchcomb (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the updates on these plugins, it beat the inhouse update service that wordpress offers for one of them that I currently have!

  2. Roger Martin (1 comments.) says:

    I really like Trigger Warning. I like the way it condenses posts and keeps them to relevant content making additional content at the discretion of the reader.

  3. Nathan Williams (2 comments.) says:

    With WP Tweet button and Twitter connect, Goodies and Twitter tools WordPress is among the best CMS platforms out there with regards to Twitter integration.
    Trigger warning will help in building clean and concise WP web pages.
    Thanks for this list of WP plug-ins. Developers like myself will vastly benefit from knowing the latest extensions available to be used.

  4. Hieu Martin@Blog Tips (3 comments.) says:

    This collection seem nice.
    I use WP Book :)

  5. landscape photography (1 comments.) says:

    The favicon rotator is more than welcome! Too many times have I had to resolve to hard-coding into a theme, thanks for this.

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