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GaMerZ WordPress Plugins Update

May 15th, 2008
Blogging News, WordPress Plugins

Lester Chan’s GaMerZ has announced that he has unleashed the first wave of updates for 11 of his WordPress plugins. These include: WP-EMail 2.30 WP-PageNavi 2.30 WP-PluginsUsed 1.30 WP-Polls 2.30 WP-PostRatings 1.30 WP-Print 2.30 WP-RelativeDate 1.30 WP-ServerInfo 1.30 WP-Sticky 1.30 WP-Stats 2.30 WP-Useronline 2.30 The remaining four plugins, WP-Ban, WP-DBManager, WP-DownloadManager, and WP-PostViews will be updated in wave two. Lester has stated that all of these plugins should work in WordPress 2.5 only and they have not been tested in any version below 2.5. Also worthy of note is that the folder path of some of the plugins have been fixed. Previously, the path was nested in another folder which generated a ton of hate mail for Lester because it broke automatic updates. Now that the path has been fixed, the automatic plugin upgrade feature should work correctly. *Note* I updated my GaMerZ plugins today on my personal blog through […]

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