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Do you use the WordPress Codex?

July 28th, 2009
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Jeff and I have been having some interesting discussions surrounding the WordPress Codex and WordPress documentation. In case you were not aware, there is some fantastic volunteering work going on in WordPress documentation. We would like to see more people involved in the use of and help with the Codex and have some ideas up our sleeves towards that end. However, I think we also need to know what we are dealing with and would like some input from our readers. I see two different audiences of the Codex and thus the two separate polls. Comments are also appreciated. Let us know if you want to help with the Codex or if you would like to help with WordPress documentation. You are a Blogger. How often do you use the WordPress Codex?(online surveys) You are a Developer/Designer. How often do you use the WordPress Codex?(online surveys)

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WordPress Helper Firefox Extension


WordPress Helper Firefox Extension.: An extension for Firefox that adds a bunch of automated and manual features to the right click contextual menu in Firefox. Available features include the following: Categorized Access to WordPress Help pages (WordPress Codex) Search for highlighted text strings on websites One-Click-switch to a website’s WordPress backend Update Notification on new WordPress versions Website Profiles Custom Shortcuts Various preference settings There has been active development on this extension since April of this year with good documentation of progress and the author is taking suggestions from users for future uses/features of the extension. Although many of these actions can be performed with shortcuts or other tools within Firefox, this extension puts it all into one place at easy reach of the Firefox user. The original developers’ page is in German but the linked page should be the English version. [EDIT] Sorry, link fixed. Thanks for the heads […]

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