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Library Catalogs Should Be Like WordPress

May 15th, 2006
WordPress Hack, WordPress Plugins

Library Catalogs Should Be Like WordPress Library catalogs should be be like WordPress. That is, every entry should support comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks. Every record should have a permalink. Content should be tag-able. The look should be easily customizable with themes. Everything should be available via RSS or Atom. It should be extendable with a rich plugin API. And when that fails, it would be nice if it were all written in a convenient language like PHP so we can hack it ourselves. Beside the part about “written in a convenient language like PHP”, this would make library catalogs much more useful and entertaining. However, it would also add complexity and spam issues. Amazon has recently started a similar approach to their listings including adding a customer wiki. Thanks to Eric Schnell who posted a detailed review of the original thought and some insight into WordPress OPAC or WOPAC. This […]

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