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VideoPress Review

April 16th, 2010
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Within this review, I will provide an objective view on the video-hosting service called VideoPress (owned by Automattic). Now I will be one of the first to admit that I am somewhat of an Automattic fanboi. I love WordPress, and use several of Automattic’s other services. However, even I was skeptical of what I considered a too-good-to-be-true video-hosting service. A Little Background I have been hosting my videos on YouTube for quite a while now. I especially liked their new HD feature and the ability for my screencast software to export directly to the service. I didn’t (and still, really don’t) care that the YouTube player is branded and shows ads. It worked, and worked well, and that’s really all I cared about it. And best of all, it was free. However, I ran into a roadblock with some of my videos. The ten-minute time-limit was really started to kill […]

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