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Translators – Thank You

November 25th, 2009

In somewhat of a tradition, I’d like to take an opportunity to spread my thanks considering Thanksgiving is only a day away here in the U.S. There is plenty to go around but this year, I’d like to especially thank those who translate WordPress, Plugins, and Themes into different languages. While I don’t know the technicalities involved with the translation process, I know the importance these translations have for the WordPress Project. These translations enable WordPress to be used all across the world in their native tongue which is awesome and really expands the reach of the software. The last time I checked, WordPress was available in about 66 different languages. All of these translations are possible thanks to volunteers. These translators are the primary reason why WordPress has an international following. However, there are more than 66 different languages in use across the world today and if you’re interested […]

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