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Generating Post Ideas – A Follow Up


Last week I posted a blog entry to generate discussions about how you work at Developing Post Ideas for Your WordPress Site. The response by everyone was tremendous – 33 comments and quite a few great ideas. It seemed that the most popular way to keep track of ideas for blog entries is by using the built in draft functionality of WordPress.  You can do this via the Admin Post writing interface or even via offline tools such as Windows Live Writer.  A quick title and a few words, lines about what you want to write about and then save it as a draft.  That draft will happily sit there waiting for you to come back to it when your ready or when you have more info to write down towards the idea/post. Once you get the post where you want it and feel the inspiration to complete it then […]

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Developing Post Ideas for Your WordPress Site

July 20th, 2009

I am sure the people who visit this site on a regular basis are very passionate about WordPress as a blogging platform and use it in the day to day running of their personal and/or work related websites.  You all visit this site because it is a terrific resource for the latest and greatest information about WordPress. Of these things I have no doubt nor do I wish to challenge that part.  For me it is quite obvious as I watch this community interact. As technically minded as everyone is that helps makes it easier to get the website up and running on WordPress.  Then you tweak the code and install plugins to get the site looking and doing exactly like you want. You have an awesome WordPress based website and it needs the life blood of any site – content! Your sitting there staring at your screen and waiting […]

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