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Why 2.7 Is Not 3.0

November 19th, 2008

Over the past few weeks, I’ve witnessed many discussions throughout the WordPress community pertaining to the version number of WordPress. Many think that because of the reworked user interface and the large number of features that this version (2.7) will contain, this should allow the software to be bumped up to version 3.0 I asked the WP-Testers mailing list to see if I could get a word from either Ryan or Matt to tell me if 2.7 would remain or if it would be bumped up to 3.0.  Jane Wells chimed in saying that Matt doesn’t want to skip version numbers anymore, and that there will be ten increments between integers, so 2.9 > 3.0, not 2.9 > 2.10. Yes, 2.7 is a major change, but the numbers are based on timing, not volume or significance of change. So there you have it. WordPress 2.7 will be, WordPress 2.7. 2.8 […]

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