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How do you host your blog?

November 16th, 2011

Some big news hit recently about Automattic’s investment in WP Engine, a fully managed WordPress-specific hosting provider. So often, we’re caught up between just the blogging service or installing WordPress on any hosting provider, that it’s easy to forget that there are hosting providers like WP Engine and which combine the best of both worlds. This raises an interesting question for today. How do you host your WordPress blog? Do you use a straight blogging service like, a WordPress-specific managed hosting provider like WP Engine, did you install WordPress yourself on a general hosting provider, or do you manage your own server?

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Moving Your WordPress Site and Database


There comes a time you may have to leave one web host for another. No matter the reason the idea of relocating an entire website – especially one that has been online for sometime – can seem very daunting. With a WordPress based site – I found it easier than expected – way easier. My website has 1,100 posts, 9 pages, 4 categories, 2,436 comments, uses 17 widgets, and has 35 active plug-ins. On top of all those elements I use Windows Live Writer to create all of my content and I use a good bit of screenshots and graphics in my posts. As a result I have over 40MB of images (1,100 files) to go along with my 1,100 postings. Now for the purposes of this story I am not going to get into a comparison of hosting services or the like. The landscape is massive out there […]

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