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How to Do ‘XYZ’ Without a WordPress Plugin

February 13th, 2010
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If you do a quick Google search for, “without a plugin”, you’ll find a gazillion results for how to accomplish simple to complex tasks for WordPress without the need of a plugin. With so many articles about not using WordPress plugins, it just begs the question: “What’s wrong with WordPress plugins in the first place?” I personally love my installed plugins. I have 25 installed on my personal blog, and I couldn’t live without a single one of them. If you venture off to Jeff Chandler’s site, he has 31 installed. Are we freakin’ nuts, or what? So what’s the deal with all these “without a plugin” posts? I mean, you don’t see plugin authors posting, “How to accomplish ‘xyz’ without a WordPress theme” do you? Okay, I’m slightly kidding, but this question needs to be asked: “What benefit is there to integrating a plugin into a theme?” Does the […]

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