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WordPress Favorite Actions and Custom Write Panels

October 27th, 2008
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Ozh has written up a nice article on the new WordPress 2.7 Favorite Actions menu and puts out the call to developers to write a plugin that would automagically determine the favorite actions of a particular blogger and populate that menu with those options. That would be a truly useful plugin and I would love to see it. Now that we are talking about the Favorite Actions menu and we know that actions can be removed, is there going to be competition/confusion between plugin authors who want to add a link to their plugin’s admin page to the top of that menu? Anyone plan on writing such a plugin? I recently talked about a tutorial on creating Custom Write Panels in WordPress and thanks to WPCandy, have now found a pretty slick plugin that mimics that feature and adds a lot more. Flutter lets your modify your write page and […]

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