WordPress Theme Releases for 10/27


Fluid Blogging


Fluid Blogging is a very light weight theme, with less than 36KB. It uses almost no images and is fully optimized to make your blog fly like the wind. Fluid width, works fine in resolutions from 800×600 up to 1024×768 pixels, two columns, widget ready, gravatar ready, Adsense ready.



Back to a time when mainframes ruled the computing world and amber and green CRT’s were the only access to these beasts. Retro is based on the Sandbox theme with the Blueprint CSS framework added to give it a grid design if one chooses to modify the theme to their liking.



Two column, fixed width, widget and gravatar ready theme with inbuilt space for ads.

Aapna Theme


Fixed width, three column theme best for Personal Blog with Dynamically Rotating Album Pictures.




  1. Themeplate (1 comments.) says:

    The Correct Name for Red and Black Magazine style Theme is Pemuda not Permuda ;)

  2. DemoGeek (2 comments.) says:

    Pemuda is a great theme. I’ve used the theme Hamasaki from Jauhari and this themes looks cooler than Hamasaki except the red color.

  3. tom says:

    since you´ve published this post i´m trying to connect to without succes.

    is this page offline, would love to see the retro-theme in action?

    is it allowed to promote some other designers work thats published on another blog?

  4. ChaosKaizer (62 comments.) says:

    Retro theme (based on sandbox) doesn’t have much retro elements just some geek typo (courier new), would be good choice for minimalist geek sort of fans. I like retro for originality.

    Pemuda theme seem like a typical grid theme but failed at making it grid,not sure why they like to called it magazine. There is bunch of broken tag (unclosed tag) here and there (16 error).

    fluid theme is actually a fixed theme.
    Too bad there is no live demo for Aapna theme. :|

    all the above themes (except for Aapna) failed xhtml validation.

    ~ rub ppl the wrong way since 1970 B.T.

  5. GoScript says:

    Don’t know if it’s just me, but after the Revolution themes come up, everyone started to create magazine style themes just like Pemuda.
    One thing some don’t understand is that such a theme fit most likely for news related blogs. Try such a theme on a jokes, comic or even personal blog and you’ll see it is not the best choice.

  6. Niyaz (6 comments.) says:

    those were some nice themes … i would try them out for my existing blogs :) … thank you!!


  1. […] implementado en blogpocket plus (que, por cierto, tengo un poco abandonado), hoy veíamos en Weblog Tools Collection un impresionante theme de estilo retro. ¡Delicioso! […]

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