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Distributed WordPress Admin Account Cracking

November 30th, 2009
WordPress Security

Bojan Zdrnja has published a post on the SANS Internet Storm Center blog today highlighting a distributed WordPress admin account cracking script. The script was discovered by one of the sites readers on a virtual private server (VPS). The acquired script is written in PHP and performs brute force cracking attempts to WordPress admin accounts. While this particular version is relatively simple, the power behind the script and the MySQL database allows the attacker to distribute the attacks not only by sites, but also by passwords tried as well. The article goes into detail explaining how the script works and suggests the typical security precautions such as using strong passwords, changing the admin username and limiting the admin login page to only your IP address. Brute force attacks on WordPress are nothing new but it’s interesting to see this approach using a distributed technique. Hat tip to WPVibe.

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