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WordPress And Giving Credit

June 3rd, 2010

WordPress 3.0 is almost out the door and one of the most exciting developments regarding the new version is the menu management system. This system started as a major contribution from WooThemes with their WooNav code but since it’s integration, the WooNav code has been reworked practically line for line to the point where there is almost nothing left of the original. At the time, WooThemes was heralded as an awesome company for contributing such a great piece of functionality to the core of WordPress. I still believe it’s great they contributed WooNav to the menu system but now things get dicey when it comes to how much credit should be given to WooThemes. There have been a few posts discussing the credit factor and WooThemes concerning the new menu system. Some people think WooThemes deserves more credit while others think that credit has been given where credit was due. […]

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