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How to Do ‘XYZ’ Without a WordPress Plugin

February 13th, 2010
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If you do a quick Google search for, “without a plugin”, you’ll find a gazillion results for how to accomplish simple to complex tasks for WordPress without the need of a plugin. With so many articles about not using WordPress plugins, it just begs the question: “What’s wrong with WordPress plugins in the first place?” I personally love my installed plugins. I have 25 installed on my personal blog, and I couldn’t live without a single one of them. If you venture off to Jeff Chandler’s site, he has 31 installed. Are we freakin’ nuts, or what? So what’s the deal with all these “without a plugin” posts? I mean, you don’t see plugin authors posting, “How to accomplish ‘xyz’ without a WordPress theme” do you? Okay, I’m slightly kidding, but this question needs to be asked: “What benefit is there to integrating a plugin into a theme?” Does the […]

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Ian Stewart On Child Themes – Part 2


This is the second part of a 2 part interview with Ian Stewart on child themes. Enjoy. 5. Speaking of child themes and theme frameworks, can you explain how one would upgrade a child theme when a theme framework is involved? From the end users perspective there’s really no change in how you use a Child Theme as opposed to a regular theme and there’s really no change in how you upgrade that theme. Even if a theme framework is involved. But the process of upgrading that Child Theme can be improved on. One thing I do in the pre-designed Thematic Child Themes I release commercially is add in a function that looks for a “variant.css” file in the wp-content directory. That function lets you make minor changes like adding background images and changing colors within variant.css without touching the original Child Theme CSS, making it ready to be upgraded […]

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Ian Stewart On Child Themes – Part 1


Child themes are a trend which appears to be gaining traction everywhere you look. Theme authors such as Ian Stewart, Justin Tadlock and Darren Hoyt are just a few of the influential people pushing this concept. In order to try and grasp an understanding of child themes, I interviewed Ian Stewart of His responses were so long, this interview will end up being published in two parts. Here is part 1. 1. First off, could you please explain what Child themes are in the simplest way possible? A Child Theme is a WordPress theme that installs and activates just like any other WordPress theme—with 2 crucial differences. Firstly, it requires no PHP template files of it’s own to work. That’s because it uses the template files of a defined Parent Theme. The Parent Theme must be installed—but not activated—in your blog’s themes directory for the Child Theme to work. […]

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