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The Best-Of Series: Social Bookmarking

September 9th, 2009
Best of WordPress, WordPress Plugins

Social Bookmarking; we’re all guilty of it these days. But where does WordPress fit into it? If you’ve done any amount of WordPress plugin browsing within the last few years you’ve undoubtedly come across at least one or two so-called social bookmarking plugins. You can find them on an increasingly large amount of websites all across the web. Today I want to talk about the best of the best. The best plugins I’ve found for social bookmarking with WordPress. Sociable I chose Sociable as my #1 social bookmarking plugin because of its utter simplicity and easy control over the look and feel of the overall output. Most social bookmarking plugins I’ve come across have a pre-defined way of outputting the bookmarking links that is not as easy to control. In fact, more and more plugins of this type are moving to a drop-down format with complicated CSS. I love Sociable […]

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