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Livejournal Private, Public, and Friends Posts


I suppose this may be a known fact, but I didn’t figure it out until I looked at the code and realized something. For the Livejournal autoupdate script, you are given two different functions. One makes all posts public, and the other posts them all friends-only. Well if you just rename the function and change the name into the calls in post.php, you can have three different functions with checkboxes deciding whether you want to post it public, private (when you click save instead of publish and set it as private in wordpress), or friends only. Just copy the two functions given and rename one of them to something similar in my-hacks.php. And for private entries, change the friends script security tag to “private” Sorry if everyone knew this, but I just found it out And for a shameless plug, feel free to checkout my wordpress sites, both syndicated to […]

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