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SACK: Simple Ajax Code Kit


The Simple Ajax Code Kit (SACK) is a javascript library that takes the hassle out of AJAX programming. This could be especially useful to any WordPress Plugin authors out there that don’t want to spend time messing around with code that isn’t directly to do with their plugin. Implementation is as simple as three lines of code so it makes your code look a lot neater as well. Key features are: Simple and light to implement. Addresses security issues that toolkits such as SAJAX have. Handles international strings (UTF-8). Full documentation is available at the link above, and it will soon be part of other plugins such as WordPress: Touched. Enjoy, I hope you find it very useful.

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Fading Into View.

May 4th, 2005
Code, Cool Scripts, WordPress Plugins

Twilight: Fade Anything is an implementation of the popular, pretty, and generally kick-ass Fade Anything Technique (FAT) for WordPress, basically it allows you to implement this effect simply without editing templates, always useful for anyone who doesn’t want to have to change all the code when they change their look. Twilight: Fade Anything also adds a pulse effect in addition to the default fade. Implementation is as simple as making sure the element has an id and a class of fade or pulse. A demo is available on the plugin’s homepage. Hopefully more plugins will start using this useful technique to draw a users attention to something. It is already implemented in Twilight: AutoSave.

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