WordPress 3.5 Underway with Promotions

July 11th, 2012
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Development for WordPress 3.5 is underway as the core development team engage in their first scope session today. With that, they also have a few exciting announcements.

After almost three years of service and a few thousand contributions, Andrew Nacin is being promoted to Lead Developer! Some of you may remember when Andrew Nacin got his start with an insignificant twelve-character patch, and with just as much determination, you too could be a Lead Developer some day.

After some amazing work through the past few releases, including the new theme customizer and distraction-free writing, Daryl Koopersmith is being granted ongoing commit status.

And, thanks to his keen eye on WordPress security, Jon Cave is having his temporary commit status extended through the release of WordPress 3.5.

If these sort of promotions get you excited about your future in WordPress, now is the perfect time to get involved.




  1. Martin Cooney (1 comments.) says:

    Oh my goodness!

    Being a confessed WordPress junkie, I have to confess I never ever knew about the distraction free writing option within the editor. Just goes to show you that there’s always something new and cool to learn :)

    As for the 3.5 version, I really wish they could somehow incorporate ‘live’ drag image placement via divs or something like that AND more importantly to a lot of people, on the fly image optimisation. There’s a few plugins but having it built into core would be cool and save the Internet on bandwidth.

    Thanks for being the one to introduce me to distraction free writing, mate :)

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