Task Management for WordPress and P2


Are you looking for a way to easily manage tasks either for yourself, your team, or perhaps even your entire company? Well, now you can with WordPress! All you need is the P2 Theme and the handy Resolved Posts plugin.

We use project-specific P2s for roughly 90% of our communication at Automattic, and the Resolved Posts plugin has made it incredibly easy to stay on top of bugs, recommendations, and even simple tasks. P2 is the perfect theme for collaboration within a team or company, as it allows anyone to easily write a post with threaded comments visible on the main page. The Resolved Posts plugin allows you to easily mark a post as unresolved or resolved along with some handy styling for identifying the status of tasks at a glance.

If you’re looking for a new way to manage your tasks, give P2 and the Resolved Posts plugin a try today!




  1. Mauricio Arango says:

    hi, out of curiousity, when using P2 can you add attachments when writing a reply to something?
    THanks you so much!


    • James (184 comments.) says:

      Sort of, yes. It’s still WordPress, so you’ll have the ability to upload files via Media -> Add New in the blog’s Dashboard. If you’re just referring to images, you can also use HTML to embed them if they’re hosted elsewhere.

  2. Flick says:

    Thank you for the suggestion :D I am using P2 to keep random snippets – although I somehow only managed to recently install SyntaxHighlighter Evolved even though something is going awry – and some to-do lists.
    This will help alot ^^

  3. Luke W (1 comments.) says:

    Sounds like a useful addition to the WP ecosystem, looking forward to seeing how the project develops!

    Luke W
    Community Manager

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