November, a Busy Month for WordCamp Fans

November 8th, 2011
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November is quickly turning into one of the biggest months for WordCamps this year. WordCamp Philly has already passed, and it will be followed by WordCamp Caguas, WordCamp Kenya, WordCamp Detroit, WordCamp Richmond, and WordCamp Denmark all starting on the same day (Nov. 12)! Closing out the month, we have WordCamp Azerbaijan (Nov. 13), WordCamp Edmonton (Nov. 18), WordCamp Omaha (Nov. 18), WordCamp Singapore (Nov. 19), WordCamp Paris (Nov. 25), WordCamp Madrid (Nov. 26), and WordCamp Tokyo (Nov. 27).

Counting Philly Philly, Toronto, and Gold Coast, that’s 13 15 WordCamps in the span of a month, almost exactly 1 WordCamp every 2 days! This is really a testament to the growth of WordPress since the first WordCamp launched in 2006.

After November closes out, there 4 more in December to finish the year. Are you planning to attend any WordCamps before the year is out?

Update: WordCamp Toronto and WordCamp Gold Coast also occurred the same day as WordCamp Philly, bringing this month’s WordCamp total to 15!




  1. Chip Bennett (63 comments.) says:

    Hey, you left out WordCamp Toronto and WordCamp Gold Coast (Australia), which also took place at the same time as WordCamp Philly. That makes fifteen, not thirteen. :)

  2. Ziomara (1 comments.) says:

    We went to our first WordCamp and WordCamp Philly was great. We can’t wait to attend other WordCamp conferences. We our post on our first experience with WordCamp:

  3. eyesightfriend (1 comments.) says:

    I also would like to know how does wordpress make money? Does anyone know or can they explain.



    • Chip Bennett (63 comments.) says:

      Can you clarify your question. Who or what do you mean by “wordpress” (sic)?

    • James (184 comments.) says:

      WordPress is a volunteer-developed and supported free blogging platform. The software itself makes money from donations only.

      WordCamps are possible thanks to several generous sponsors.

  4. Miroslav Glavic (7 comments.) says:

    1) WordPress

    2) makes money by the upgrades.
    3) It also makes money by VIP Hosting.

    Chip knows the rest, he is an all knowing genie.

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