WordPress Theme Releases for 8/9


Perdana has a white background and border that gives a shadow effect.

zeeBusiness is a two column theme in an elegant and bold design with strong colors.




  1. Christine Blythe (17 comments.) says:


    I did try to send this through your contact form, but had to redo the verification several times with no success. The email was never sent.

    So, a comment it is. I was just curious if there’s a problem with my Radio theme. It has not been included in a couple of submission posts and appears to have been skipped over.

    If there’s a problem with the themes preventing their submission, will you let us know?


    • James Huff (9 comments.) says:

      Yes, sorry. I had meant to email but I’ve been out of town, so quite busy.

      Your Radio theme appears to be missing its template files, so it’s not seen as a valid theme by WordPress. I’ll post this over in the forum thread too, in case you’ve subscribed to the feed.

      • Christine Blythe (17 comments.) says:

        I have researched this and found this reference to ‘template’ files on the WordPress site:

        The template files you’re referencing appear to be the .php files necessary to the function of the theme. Am I right in this?

        If so, then I don’t know what the problem is because I checked the zip file contents and all of the necessary files are there. I also have this theme installed on my Demo Blog used for the theme demos and it works fine.

        If this is indeed fine, I’d still like to submit this theme. If there’s still a problem, could you please let me know more detail about what it is?



  2. Michael Johnson says:

    Perdana looks really nice. i like the “zen simple” and clean layout.

  3. Angela (2 comments.) says:

    Thank you for themes zeeBusiness looks very nice it will be on my new blog about animation.

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