WordPress Theme Releases for 7/16


Coaster is a blue and orange two-column theme.

Garden Explosion is a 3 column theme in vivid greens, yellows, pinks and oranges.




  1. Angie (20 comments.) says:

    LOL at the second theme. Wondering is the site that posted it could fit any more ads on their pages. 50 different ad providers they are serving right now can only slow the page down so much…

    • gestroud says:

      What does the amount of advertisements on the designer’s site have to do with the theme? I could show you some sites with no ads that have themes with more spammy, crap coding in them than you’d believe.

  2. Christine Blythe (17 comments.) says:

    Exaggerate a bit? There are 8 ad providers. Some of these ads are served from the same provider. Also, some of these ads were specifically requested to be put on my site because they like the site. Are you in a position to be able to turn down income?

    I’m on sick leave from work and I work really hard and a lot of hours at designing these themes and I don’t have any other income. Would you like to sponsor my website so I don’t have to advertise?

    If you are truly having an issue with the time it takes to load this site, please comment ‘nicely’ on my site and I will do my best to fix it. I have done the online testing and optimization and this site routinely loads in 2-4 seconds, not wonderful but not horrible either.

    I use firefox which loads quickly. I have also tried Safari, Google and Internet Explorer and all of these had issues with performance and load time. Maybe you should try Firefox? I’m definitely impressed with it.

    • gestroud says:

      The only suggestion I’d make is that you set up a demo link to your themes. Beyond that, I like your work.

      • Christine Blythe (17 comments.) says:

        Thank you! I admit I was feeling a little bit ‘picked on’.

        I’m actually working on that as we speak. I already have my demo blog set up and hope to have it working for the next theme I submit.

        I was using a demo system before but had to stop because it was problematic. I’ve been looking for another solution and think I found it.

        I’m learning a heck of a lot in the five months I’ve been doing this…

  3. Carlos Gallastegui (1 comments.) says:

    Like the first theme (don’t like the second though). The first one attracts with combination of colors and clarity. Also I enjoy the focus on information that the first theme provides (it’s not overloaded with ads and graphic elements that takes of visitors attention from the actual information). Looking forward to the next update :)

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