WordPress for iOS 2.8 Major Update

May 20th, 2011
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WordPress for iOS 2.8 has been released and is a rather significant update.

  • A new Quick Photo feature, soon to be the favorite of mobile photo bloggers everywhere, allows you to go from camera to post in one easy step.
  • and Jetpack stats have finally be added to the app.
  • The app has now been fully translated into ten languages.
  • Over 75% of reported crashes have been fixed.

If you have struggled with the iOS app lately, it’s definitely time to update. What do you think of the new release?




  1. quicoto (39 comments.) says:

    The Mobile Team is doing a great job with the iOS and Android Apps :P

  2. Tom Coburn (67 comments.) says:

    been trying to decide if i want an iphone or not? Since Verizon has the iphone now, I’ve comtemplated rather I want to get the iphone 4 now, or wait until iphone 5 is released. In the meantime, I have the ipod touch, not the current generation but the generation before that where they added a mic and camera to it. I wish I had those things, but I keep thinking my 2 year contract isn’t up until January 2012 anyway I figured by then iphone 5 would be out and may be able to get iphone 5 cheaper at the ‘new every 2′ price then the iphone 4 now at full price

    • James Huff (184 comments.) says:

      For some reason that never works for me. I must be addicted to Apple gadgets. I always get tricked into standing in line on launch day, no matter when my contract is up. :(

  3. JM (1 comments.) says:

    It’s good to see that they addressing the app stability and scaling it with the language translations, but I’m still not satisfied with the app yet. I think the User Experience needs a complete overhaul and formatting tools need to be integrated.

  4. Jeff (2 comments.) says:

    I remember reviewing an older version of WordPress for iPad a few months ago. This was like a joke, extremely difficult to use as to being really useless. I stayed away from this WordPress and all the bad publicity it received (and deserved!).

    Now I shall have a look at this new version see if it is useable. I like the fact it seems to allow easy uploading of pictures.

    As an alternative there is something called Blogsy for iPad which i believe is one (if not) the best blogging software for iPad. I gave it a try and loved it. Although I believe until the next version it cannot upload pictures. (I am not affiliated in any way with the Blogsy people BTW! thought I would mention).

    Maybe this new WordPress will be a new FREE alternative to Blogsy…

    take care

    • Jeff (2 comments.) says:

      By the way, forgot to add that Blogsy does have formatting tool…have a check.

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