WordPress 3.0 Template Tag Reference Guide

December 1st, 2010
WordPress Tools

For those developers out there who would like a quick and easy way to reference Template tags in WordPress, you now have another choice. This reference guide was created by DBS Website which is a web design company based in Louisville, Kentucky. There are two versions of the guide. One for WordPress 2.x and another for the 3.0 branch. The guide is set up so that the quick links to various tags show up on the left while information regarding the tag shows up within the center of the page.

When you click on a tag, a drop down appears showing information related to the tag as well as a short description. The guide itself does not contain any information that you couldn’t find by browsing the Codex but simply presents an organized look at the various Template tags WordPress has to offer. There are a number of other resources that perform a similar function. The two that I know of are WPSeek and SeekWP although SeekWP appears to be suspended.




  1. Frank says:

    Fantastic work. Would be great if you could change the text font and color so that it is actually readable in Firefox Windows PC. Right now it’s too light and fuzzy to be readable.

  2. shizn says:

    The guide itself does not contain any information that you couldn’t find by browsing the Codex but simply……..

    is a mess to a n00b like me. One link takes you to another that is actually on teh same page yet looks like it is on anther page that takes you to a page of links. Having the codex like that makes it seem ten times larger than it is. I found the codex disheartening and intimidating. Now that i have been doing a bit of wordpress, less than a month, i am seeing that most of it can be done with HTML and CSS alone with no need for php.

    If all those php codes are it and no more than it does not seem all that much to deal with but i cant do anything with it, yet. Seems to much like java and math problems with if, then arguments.

    Thanks for the work on that page as i am sure it will help me more than the codex. The codex has stuff all over teh place and not in one like you have here.


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