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October 15th, 2010
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Today is Blog Action Day 2010, and this year’s topic is water. To many of us, water is a commonplace item. We don’t have to walk for miles for a simple drink of water or risk our lives with every sip, yet over 800 people world-wide have no access to clean water, and over 3 million people succumb to water-related diseases every year.

Organizations like Charity: Water, Children’s Safe Drinking Water, and are collecting donations to provide wells and water filtration to communities around the world, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could set a fundraising goal on your WordPress blog and share the experience with your readers?

Tracking your fundraising progress on your own blog is incredibly easy thanks to ChipIn. Just register for a free account and create a new event. Once your event has been setup, click the “Create Widgets Now” button. Customize your widget in step 1, select WordPress in step 2, copy the code in step 3, but forget about step 4. Just go to Appearance/Widgets in your WordPress admin panel, drag a text widget to your sidebar, title it or leave the title blank, paste the code into the body of the widget, and click “Save.”

Your visitors will now be able to donate and view your fundraising progress from your sidebar.

We’re curious to read your posts for this year’s Blog Action Day, so please feel free to share them with us.




  1. James Huff (109 comments.) says:

    Just to start the ball rolling, here’s me Blog Action Day post: Provide Clean Water for Free

  2. Kizie (1 comments.) says:

    Problem wiht water is also that we polute too much, and the average usage of fresh water in modern world is much too high.


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