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September 26th, 2010
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ie9Microsoft recently released a public beta of their newest web browser, IE9, that has quickly become very popular.  In its first 48 hours of availability it was  downloaded 2 million times.

You know what that means – more users are visiting your WordPress site using IE9 everyday.

So why not take advantage of a feature that combines new capabilities in IE9 and the Windows 7 Taskbar to ask visitors to place a permanent link to your site on their Windows 7 Taskbar?

Some real quick background.  On the Windows 7 Taskbar any icon that is placed there can be programmed by the software’s author to have interactive menu items on what is called a Jumplist.  This Jumplist typically contains shortcuts to program features and commands to provide quick access to them.

Well with the introduction of IE9 webpages can have code added to them that will allow a visitor to drag the favicon to their taskbar and that code then adds an interactive Jumplist to the favicon as it sits on the users Windows 7 Taskbar to create those interactive features.

Well for those of us who use WordPress as our publishing platform we know that the easiest way to add features and functionality to our websites is through the use of plugins and the breadth of developers that are out there making them.

Well you know it was only a matter of time before the plugins started to be built to take advantage of these new features in IE9 and Windows 7.

Let me introduce you to the IE9 Pinned Site plugin by fatihboy.  This plugin is very fresh as it was published just yesterday for its initial release and it is his first WordPress plugin.

So installation is straight forward like most plugins – just download it from the Plugin site and then activate it on your site.

You will find the simple one page settings page for this plugin under the Settings > IE9 Pinned Site menu item.


Here you just select whether to feature your posts, categories or tags on the Jumplist for your website and how many entries you want of each.  Using those settings above this is what the Jumplist looks like for my site


As you can see my most recent 5 posts are at the top followed by the Tasks header which provides links to 5 of my website pages.

An additional feature of Jumplists in Windows 7 on the taskbar is the ability to pin things to them. 


This is the same Jumplist except I have pinned one post which you see under the Pinned header.  Just click the pin icon while hovering over a Jumplist entry to pin that item to the Jumplist on your system.  The ability to pin a site on the Jumplist is in Windows 7 and its new Taskbar not in the plugin itself.

I see a lot of potential for this plugin for customization of the Jumplist such as the name of each header area, picking what entries you want on it as far as posts, tags and categories are concerned instead of just by a numerical number and allowing you to place something from each group on the Jumplist (i.e. categories, tags and posts all being represented instead of just one).

Don’t get me wrong this is a great initial implementation of this capability and I am pleased once again that the strong community of developers has answered the need for this so quickly after the new features are available in a new browser.

What do you think?  Any suggestions for the author of the plugin for future updates?  Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments.




  1. Navjot Singh (12 comments.) says:

    Seems this is not the first plugin for doing this. First plugin to come out with it was but it is not good. And today a new plugin has been released here: – This one’s much better coz it adds links to administration panel if you are logged into your blog.

  2. Fatih Boy (1 comments.) says:

    I just would like to thanks Richard Hay for such a good post for my plugIn. I’ve lots of ideas to extend WordPress to use IE9 pinned site features, including administrative shortcuts mentioned by Navjot Singh.

    By the way, would you please pin your site just after you logged in.. You will find ‘Write a post’, ‘Moderate comments’, ‘Upload new media’ entries then.. ;)

    Please come and share your ideas with me, so that it will be better and better..

  3. WpHey (21 comments.) says:

    Great content, gonna try the IE9 Pinned Site plugin out later, thanks

  4. el cajon condo (1 comments.) says:

    I used to use chrome for a while, but it just wasn’t as good as IE9. So I switched back. I’m going to have to see about installing that plugin now.

  5. Rob (4 comments.) says:

    Thanks for this, I haven’t tried IE9 yet and didn’t know about the feature. I’m going to try out the plugin now.

  6. Jérémie says:

    “So why not take advantage of a feature that combines new capabilities in IE9 and the Windows 7 Taskbar to ask visitors to place a permanent link to your site on their Windows 7 Taskbar?”
    Because it’s annoying.

  7. Inge (4 comments.) says:

    Thank you for the clear explanation, will download IE 9 right away so I can test these new features. By the way I don’t agree with the opinion of Jérémie.

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