WordPress Plugin Releases for 09/17

September 17th, 2010
WordPress Plugins

New plugins

post2ebook generates ebook versions of any post you want and automatically inserts links to the generated ebooks within the post.

Register Plus Redux is a fork of the popular and abandoned Register Plus with several enhancements, including a customized registration page, user-entered passwords, an invitation code system, and email verification.

Theme Rotator lets you define dates when your themes should be activated automatically.

Vimeo SimpleGallery lets you add a gallery of Vimeo videos to your site, displaying thumbnails for each video.

YouTube SimpleGallery let’s you add a gallery of YouTube videos to your site, displaying thumbnails for each video.

Updated plugins

Auto Copyright automatically generates a copyright notice based on the first and last post published in the WordPress database.

IE6 Upgrade Option displays a warning message, simply and politely informing the user that their browser is out of date and provides links to download newer and more optimal browser choices.

Stop Spammer Registrations accesses the database to check emails, username and IP before a user can register.

Twitter Avatar Reloaded adds a new field to the comment form for the user’s Twitter username and uses it to replace the Gravatar with their Twitter avatar.

WP Maintenance Mode adds a maintenance page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance.




  1. SenseiMattKlein (14 comments.) says:

    Like the looks of the YouTube simple gallery. Wonder how heavy it is on the resources. Might be worth a try.

  2. Zak Show (5 comments.) says:

    These are nice plugins, the post2ebook can be very helpful for bloggers who writes long posts or tutorial, it will help them to spread their content offline, i also like the theme rotator plugin, it will surprise blog visitors, each time a different layout! Overall, nice share, thanks!

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