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September 8th, 2010
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So, you’ve got WordPress, Akismet, and more spam comments than you can keep track of. Wouldn’t you like to know which posts are drawing the most spam attention? Well, Ozh has the perfect script for you!

Update: The script is now a plugin.

Simply upload the script to your WordPress root directory and enjoy a listing of your most prominent spam magnets, complete with “a pretty interactive pie chart.” Use the script to track down and close off your spam magnets, research the keywords catching the spammers’ attention, or just do it for fun.

When I ran this script on my blog, I found two spam magnets that shouldn’t have had open comments in the first place, and all of my posts mentioning the WordPress Support Forums were drawing the most attention from spammers.

Here are the results from Weblog Tools Collection (spam comments are deleted on a regular basis, so this only includes the most recent spam comments):

What did you find?




  1. Ashfame (12 comments.) says:

    It shows up only two posts for me –

    • Kelson (20 comments.) says:

      It can only show the current contents of the spam folder, so you’ll have to let it go for a while without emptying it.

  2. quicoto (39 comments.) says:

    I thought the script was able to dig into the Akismet stats :P

  3. Average Joe (1 comments.) says:

    Urgh, we get hundreds a day on Average Joes, without akismet I would probably self harm lol!

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