One Click Multisite in WordPress 3.0

July 9th, 2010
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[EDIT] Peter Westwood, one of the lead devs, in a comment below suggests against the use of this plugin because of the complexities of the setup process that might be ignored if users install and enable this plugin without following the steps. He points users to the Codex article that explains the setup. If the preliminary setup is that complex, code could be written to understand, walk people through and then validate those setup steps in the future. I am pretty sure the core is going to get more mature about this. So this is just the first step.

Enable Multisite in WordPress 3.0 With One Click!: Sarah Gooding from notifies us of a plugin (which can be downloaded from the WordPress Repository) that will enable MultiSite functionality on your WordPress blog with just one click. Installation for the Enable MultiSite plugin seems relatively simple and the process to enable the functionality is also easy. In case you were not aware of the new MultiSite feature in WordPress 3.0, our very own Klint Finley put together a walkthrough of the feature for you recently.Anyone blogging with MultiSite yet?

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  1. Sam Watam (1 comments.) says:

    I must admit ignorance here. When you’re referring to multiblogs are you just meaning a number of different blogs in one domain, one hosting service, one theme or what? I have a number of blogs myself but I’m just trying to verify exactly what this plugin is used for. It sounds like something I could use if it means that this plugin will allow me to tie all my blogs together or something like that.

  2. Hikari (26 comments.) says:

    I’m very anxious for MS, I manage 2 sites and having them sharing the same files will make it much easier. And also I wanna create 2 or 3 more sites, which is impossible without MS.

    But I didn’t upgrade to 3.0.0 yet, it has a few bugs I’m waiting to be fixed in 3.0.1, and also a few plugin I use don’t support MS yet :(

    Ah! And I’m waiting for a detailed tutorial on how to move a single site to a network site using phpMyAdmin, I want more ppl to test it before I do the move ;)

  3. Teli (4 comments.) says:

    I’m launching a new community website fairly soon which is running WP 3.0 with MultiSite enabled and BuddyPress. So far nothing has blown up, which is a good thing.

  4. John Levandowski (2 comments.) says:

    I have been running 3 sites using multi site for about 3 weeks. No problems and I even have multisite serving 2 different domains without using a plugin.

  5. Debajyoti Das (3 comments.) says:

    Wow this is great I was looking for this Plugin…

    @Sam: MultiSite is a feature which allows you to have multiple sites running from a single installation of WordPress.

  6. westi (3 comments.) says:

    I would recommend against recommending this plugin for a number of reasons:

    It contains too much code when the task is much simpler
    It implies that you don’t need to worry about all the other changes that might need making you your server, dns etc.

    I would recommend people follow the guide in the codex –

    The only code change you have to make is to add a define to wp-config.php and then you use the correct, built-in code to enable a network.

    The process is hidden behind the define because it is not just a single click step – you need to ensure you have all the other configuration correct first!

    • Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

      That sounds like good advice, considering the complexities ignored.

    • Andrew Nacin (11 comments.) says:


      I am pretty sure the core is going to get more mature about this. So this is just the first step.

      Exactly. Peter emphasized needing to get the configuration right in the install process, which is just the start of it. We’ll make them easier to install once we can make them easier to administrate. The code needs to mature further first. (I expanded upon this thought further on the plugin author’s post.)

  7. Ben Greenberg (3 comments.) says:

    Yes! I’m running multi-site and am quite happy with it so far. I’m running my main blog on it and have imported my portfolio site to to be a blog that is not at a subdomain of my main site. Currently also developing a photo blog that is at another subdomain of the main site. I’m a long time user of MU at work, so the admin user experience is very familiar. I have not had any problems at all since my upgrade to 3.0.

  8. Andrew @ Blogging Guide (86 comments.) says:

    I am running different blogs. I guess it’s time for me to try this multi-site fuction.

  9. Blog Angel a.k.a. Joella (4 comments.) says:

    Multi sites were a long time coming for WordPress and I haven’t worked with them yet, but will be soon.

    b2Evolution was way ahead of WP in implementing this feature.

    Your article is a little confusing, but I will read the walkthrough you suggest. I will soon be adding a second blog to my online endeavors and am really looking forward to being able to manage them both from the same dashboard.

  10. quicoto (39 comments.) says:

    I would follow the Codex instructions instead of using a nasty plugin ;)


  11. sam kumar (1 comments.) says:

    This is really a good option. I am just planning to convert my static website to wordpress one, and for sure this can help me to plan for another addition to my website.


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