WordPress Plugin Releases for 04/26

April 26th, 2010
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

Incomment Referrer

This plugin quite simply lets you know where the users entered your site when they leave a comment. A lot of people who joined the do-follow movement are listed on sites which are a target for comment spammers. To those who suffer comment spam can now find out the page they come from, and block accordingly.

WP Hide Pages

This plugin hides selected pages from menus which created with wp_list_pages function. Essentially it adds exclude parameter to wp_list_pages function but it’s so easy now.

Pages to Page

Create the contents of Recent Comments, Pages, Categories, Archives, Recent Posts and Calendar which are usually shown in the sidebar and insert them onto a post or page.

eletro widgets

It allows yout to use WordPress widgets to set up your home page (or any page) in your blog. You can configure and drag & drop widgets around right in the front end. Please watch the video for further details.

GT – Geo Targeting

Description: GEO target content based on user’s country. Show/hide content to/from users from specific countries, Show a note to users who cannot see the content. Template tags and shortcodes available for use.

Taxonomy Manager

Add, Edit, Delete & Manage taxonomies for posts, pages, links and custom post types with a few clicks of mouse. Makes adding taxonomies a lot easier. Display taxonomy tag clouds and more using widgets and display tags and other info at the bottom of posts.

Updated Plugins

PhotoSmash Galleries

PhotoSmash Galleries has been updated to provide a Gallery Viewer page (an index of your galleries), and now supports EXIF data with easy tags for displaying it ([exif_table] and [meta_data field=’aperture’] or whatever exif fields you have).

Rico Ajax Menu

Can create a menu with tabs, accordions or pulldowns using Rico Ajax

AVH Extended Categories

The AVH Extended Categories Widgets gives you three widgets for displaying categories.

Smart Archives Reloaded

Offers an elegant and easy way to present your posts, grouped by year and month.

Twitter Goodies

This plugin will show your twitter tweets under Sidebar Area (Widget), Post and/or Pages. Tweets will REFRESH AUTOMATICALLY. Also it has reply option inside widget on mouse over action.

WP Google-buzz

Beautiful Google buzz integration to wordpress + 8 different admin panel options (Settings -> WP Google-buzz) + 14 diff button images + Buzz Counter + mouse over effects.

WP Social Blogroll

The plugin adds a cool new blogroll that is able to display the freshness, author name and the latest post-title of your bookmarks. It enables you to sort the blogroll by the latest update of your bookmarked blogs.

WordPress Tweeter

WordPress Tweeter is a plugin that will update a twitter account when you make a new post on your blog. You will be able to customize the tweet template.




  1. Andrew@BloggingGuide (90 comments.) says:

    Incomment referrer would be useful to me. I have a dofollow blog and spam comments are always there. It woul dreally be nice to know where they came from and be able to block them if they are not form a trusted source.

  2. Mick (3 comments.) says:

    Some handy plugins here but I really like the incomment referrer. My blog is d-follow but it’s meant a lot of moderating spammy comments (as you can imagine) but this plugin sounds like it could save me a lot of time and hassle too. Glad I found it.

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