WordPress Theme Releases for 02/17




A simple two column WordPress theme that does not require any images. It supports widgets and gravatar.

Crafty Cart


A WordPress theme that has been designed to provide users with an easy way to create online shops. This theme neatly integrates with the e-commerce plug-in to create a highly practical e-commerce solution. Crafty Cart features a spanking new retro style that is one of the best to sell out various handmade items such as t-shirts, etc. from an online shop. Crafty cart is a two column SEO optimized WordPress theme available in soft pink shades. This theme has 2 widget ready side bars and Gravatar support which makes it completely advertisement ready.



NBA 3C is a three column, fixed with theme for NBA game lover. It has two widget-ready columns, and it is compatible with the latest WordPress and has been tested with in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

Simple Magazine Brown


Three column fixed width gravatar and widget ready theme with a theme options page

Popcorn and other movie review themes


Collection of five two column widget ready themes aimed at movie reviewed blogs.




  1. Andrew@BloggingGuide (63 comments.) says:

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful themes. Will be posting this on twitter.

  2. Frank Lucas says:

    Now why would Andrew, who wants you to go to his site and commission him to “build” your Web site, want to post this on his “twitter”? Ummm …

  3. Solutions for Green Marketing (1 comments.) says:

    I’m finding that many blogs are so “in your face” that they make reading them difficult. All our hard work is wasted if people’s eyes bug out while trying to read :-) High contrast and bright colors are pretty, but ineffective. Glad to see that you included some muted, pastel templates.

  4. Babs (37 comments.) says:

    I want whatever the designer of Crafty Cart has been smoking. :D

    “Crafty Cart features a spanking new retro style”

    Well they certainly got the retro part right:


    “Crafty cart is a two column SEO optimized WordPress theme available in soft pink shades.”

    I see no shades of anything but red, blue and tan. Nor can I find a pink option of the theme. Trust me, if it were available I’d be on it. LOL

    Lastly, I gave this theme a test run when it first came out. When I had some questions I went to their site — and immediately decided to remove the theme. The fact that there were tons of MONTHS old (legitimate) questions left unanswered, was a tip off that Crafty Cart is merely an unsupported advertisement. That it’s back here again (with the same exact link) isn’t helping my opinion of it.

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