WordPress Theme Releases for 02/11




Super fast, two column, widget ready, gravatar ready and highly feature rich theme



Selalu is a grid and widget ready wordpress theme, built in with custom recent comment and post with thumbnail, new features in WordPress 2.9 post thumbnail.

Brick Wall


Two column, fixed width, widget and gravatar ready theme



The theme features a fresh Valentine’s Day style for your WordPress powered site. It also includes an additional four (4) styles to choose from, with the Legacy style always being an option.

Ninja One

Ninja One

Ninja One is a free WordPress child theme for the popular theme framework Thematic. From the Ninja One Options page, you can easily add a custom logo, change the header background color, add your Google Analytics tracking code, and add your Feedburner feed name.




  1. Frank Lucas says:

    Great, I needed help getting to sleep, and that Ninja theme is as boring as it gets. Thanx!

    • Nate says:

      Hey bud it’s free, relax. How about unless the developer’s looking for criticism you keep your yapper shut and just say “thank you”.

  2. Frank Lucas says:

    I don’t get it. Is the Swift theme a theme or an amusement park ride?

  3. Babs (37 comments.) says:

    Ninja One: I agree with Frank. Boooring!

    cleanRoar: Am I the only one who doesn’t do holiday themes? I change my blog’s theme often enough, thankyouverymuch. :)

    Brick Wall: More thought should’ve gone into the background image. I can’t see the latter half of the blog title.

    Swift: Vertical Rhythm? Pu-leaze! Interesting topics, combined with good spelling and proper punctuation keep readers reading with little confusion.


    • Babs (37 comments.) says:

      And I just realized I omitted a comma after “punctuation”. :D

    • Satish (2 comments.) says:

      Vertical rhythm makes sure that your readers eyes are not strained while reading your interesting topics and they can easily scan your post without much effort.

  4. Andrew (86 comments.) says:

    Another nice collection of free wordpress themes from you. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Dgrut (1 comments.) says:

    thanks, now im trying apply swift on my site.

  6. ecommerce glasgow (2 comments.) says:

    Selalu looks a good one, but they all need a bit of jquery, a main page slider is missing, i would suggest you check out theme forest or the tuts network for some good tuts


  7. WordPress Themes (1 comments.) says:

    Nice list, I like the flexibility and clean look of Swift.

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