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February 4th, 2010
WordPress Plugins

Craig Buckler of published a neat guide today on how to split WordPres content into 2 or more columns. The explanation dives into various functions and parameters with use of the Read More tag but within the comments of the post, someone mentioned a plugin called WP Post Columns by Sam Burdge. I downloaded the plugin and to my surprise, it works very well and does not require any code editing. The magic lies within the shortcodes that need to be inserted into the content. For example, if you wanted two columns within your content, you would use the following shortcodes.

[column width=”47%” padding=”6%”] Column 1 content goes here. [/column]
[column width=”47%” padding=”0″] Column 2 content goes here. [/column]

There are shortcodes for up to four columns within the content. I’ve rarely come across a theme or a WordPress powered site displaying content in this fashion but I imagine it would work well for Magazine or Newpaper type sites. For more information on plugin usage, read the official plugin page.




  1. Nimit Kashyap (7 comments.) says:

    Good and short tutorial.

  2. Dana @ Blogging Update (27 comments.) says:

    Interesting! It may useful to create uniqueness in blog content form. I think i will take a look of it.

  3. Andrew@BloggingGuide (63 comments.) says:

    This is a really great plugin! Blogposts would not look the same all the time, now we can have columned posts. Really clever. Unfortunately, like you said, it would work better on magazine or newspaper type sites. But, anyway, I’ll be bookmarking this.

  4. Harry, (5 comments.) says:

    Cool, but it would be nicer if I did not have to count the lines and tell the page where to cut off the first column.

    Is there a way to have it automagically divide the content evenly over 2 columns if needed?

    Cheers, Harry

  5. Rick Anderson (3 comments.) says:

    I’ve used the Post Columns plugin on a couple of sites. The problem I’ve had with it is that it places additional & tags that make it impossible for the columns to line up across the top. So, yes you do have 2 columns (or more) but the content of those columns doesn’t look like you’d expect it to.

  6. Dave Henderson says:

    I hope there are still some people watching this thread. I tried a few of the tips and plugins and they do a greeat jogb so many thanks.
    I would like to replicate a site I found that uses the two column post layout. I think it is using div tags for layout.
    div class= post-left
    div class= post-right
    and a post-by-2 clearfix which I do not understand (thought that was drupal)
    can any body help please

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