WordPress Plugin Releases for 01/16

January 16th, 2010
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

cbnet MBP Auto-Activate

MaxBlogPress plugins require a two-step registration/activation process, as well as a forced opt-in to an email-list subscription, in order to use them. This plugin circumvents those requirements, enabling unrestricted use of the plugins.

BFT Autoresponder

This is the easiest to use sequential autoresponder plugin. Allows scheduling unlimited number of emails, members, import/export and customization of the emails. The HTML code of the registration form can be placed anywhere in the blog or in some other site.The plugin allows double opt-in and attaches unsubscribe link to all messages

cbnet Ping Optimizer

Do you know your WordPress blog pings unnecessarily every time you edit a post? Think how many times you click on “Save and Continue Editing” or “Save” button. Your blog will ping unnecessarily that many times you click on those buttons. Save your blog from getting tagged as ping spammer by installing this plugin.

WP List Tweets

WP List Tweets easily displays any number of latest Tweets from any user, anywhere on the site, using template tags or shortcodes.

Feature Comments

This plugin adds an option to Feature / Bury comments to the Edit Comments screen. On the frontend, it adds a ‘featured’ or ‘buried’ class to that comment

Private Suite

Allows admins to add private pages to wp_list_pages() and the Pages widget, specify the prefix on private and protected post and page titles, and choose which user roles may read private pages and posts.

Updated Plugins

Subscription Options

The most common ways for people to subscribe to a blog and its content are through RSS, Email and Twitter. Facebook pages are increasing in usage too.
This plugin places the above icons in a widget area and lets users enter their own feed or page URLs and colour options. It’s really simple but there’s lots of power under the hood.

Smart Archives Reloaded

Displays year and month-based archives of your posts, in several interesting formats.


WP-Walla is an plugin that allows you to get your checkins from Gowalla and present in sidebar as a widget.

Visitor Maps and Who’s Online

Displays Visitor Maps with location pins, city, and country. Includes a Who’s Online Sidebar. Has an admin dashboard to view visitor details.

WP Greet Box

This plugin lets you show a different greeting message to your new visitors depending on their referrer url. For example, when a Digg user clicks through from Digg, they will see a message reminding them to digg your post if they like it.




  1. Chris Merriman (7 comments.) says:

    Just a quick note re. the cbnet MBP Auto-Activate plugin – at the time of this comment, the site itself is down. You can read a little about the author’s reasons for creating this plugin by checking Google’s cache of a blog post ( ). Scroll down roughly third of a page.
    The plugin is of course hosted at the WP repository, so until the author’s site is back up, head on over here – .

    Hoping the site being down is a non-intentional temporary error, rather than someone from MBP forcing his hand, and that this comment gets through the spam filter :)

    • Len (24 comments.) says:

      Chip is just having some unfortunate problems with his hosting. It has nothing to do with MBP. :)


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