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December 5th, 2009
WordPress Hack, WordPress Plugins

Publish The Feed Later: WP Engineer provides a nice tutorial on how to publish your post to your feed a few minutes (configurable) after you publish your post. These few minutes can help you find errors or bugs in your post and fix them before they get sent out via your feed to all your readers. The “hack” requires you to change your theme’s functions.php file and add the code snippet provided. Alternatively you could also use a plugin written by our very own Keith, called Feed Pauser. I see no compatibility information on this plugin (maybe Keith could chime in and let us know) but it does offer further functionality such as the ability to prevent individual posts from appearing in your feed. A useful hack/plugin for those like me who have an itchy post finger.




  1. Bill Robbins (6 comments.) says:

    I never used this hack until I accidentally published an incomplete post once. Since then I add it to all my personal themes just for a little breathing room. One thing it can’t do is take the place of good proof reading.

  2. Kevin (1 comments.) says:

    Since my feed is routed through feedburner so that doesn’t update immediately. But I can vouge for good proofreading as I have been burned a number of times by publishing a post that is immediately announced on twitter and then noticing the mistakes I made.

  3. Dana @ Online Knowledge (27 comments.) says:

    Yeah — this hack surely give me a time to re-edit my post if there something wrong.

  4. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    oh wow, that would be cool! I hope the publish feed later plugin lets you configure how long of a delay it will be, because sometimes it takes me longer then just a few minutes, to find spelling errors in my blog posts. but at the same time, if I’m given the time to go back and edit for spelling and grammar mistakes, I tend to make the post 2-3x longer then it started out being, usually because I think of other stuff to say while I’m editing. lol so I tend to keep my posts how I write them, so the post length doesn’t get too long and out of control. lol

  5. WPEngineer (3 comments.) says:

    Thanks for mentioning our tutorial. :)

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