The Geekier Side Of WordPress 2.9

November 28th, 2009

If you’re a developer and need to know some of the geekier bits coming down the pipe in WordPress 2.9, Joost De Valks article should fit the bill. In it, he lists a number of things that developers should pay attention to such as enhancements to wp_query, upgraded TinyMCE editor, performance updates to the options table and much more.

WordPress 2.9 is currently at beta 1 stage. If you are one of the beta testers for 2.9, let me know how it’s gone for you so far.




  1. imran (4 comments.) says:

    any news on when the final release of WordPress 2.9 would be available ?

    • scribu (42 comments.) says:

      Some time before Xmas, I think.

      • Ali Hussain (7 comments.) says:

        I would like to see it in action soon, but the thing is like many i am sick and tired or upgrading again and again.

        • rwperkinsjr (1 comments.) says:

          and again and again. lol.

          Thank the developers for the easy updates though and at least this is a live and thriving project with a lot of pointers, help and documentation.

          I think it makes it hard for the plug-in developers to keep up sometimes. Just as I get all the plug-ins playing well together there is a update and something breaks. grrrrr. I would still rather have the annoyance of frequent updates to no fixes or no support at all.

  2. Daniel K says:

    The downside I’ve seen so far is that they media library will add your post thumbnail to the gallery, making it show up along with the other images.

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