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October 24th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

Dave Moyer who hosts the WordCast Podcast tipped me off to this development. Apparently, development on the PodPress plugin has resumed thanks to a couple of different things happening with the plugin author.

  • My work schedule is now setup to allow me to be more active in the community again, which means I can now get podPress dev and my Podcast going again.
  • Tons of people keep bugging me for updates, and I have appreciated every one of them
  • And special thanks to the new sponsor for giving me the final push that was needed to get going on development again.

However, the post on was published on August 16th. There are a few other posts from the same time period yet the MightySeek blog has gone silent once again so I am unsure as to whether or not the plugin will actually be coming back. I’ve tried to get in touch with the author of the plugin but to no avail.

How many of you would like to see PodPress make a triumphant return?




  1. westi (3 comments.) says:

    It would be really good to see this plugin back underdevelopment again as it was very popular.

    It would be even better for the development to become a team effort so all the plugins users don’t have to rely on one person being around to do the development.

    Maybe some of the more technically able users of the plugin should get together and help the author get the plugin up-to-date.

  2. aaron (2 comments.) says:

    I can find very few good options for podcasting on my own server. Would love to see this return.

  3. gestroud (5 comments.) says:

    PodPress was a valuable addition to WordPress a few years ago, and I was sorry to see it fall by the wayside. It’s good to see that it might be coming back one day. In the meantime, I am extremely satisfied with Bluebrry’s PowerPress plugin. It has some great features, is updated frequently and most important, it works.

  4. zack says:

    Bluebrry PowerPress is a fantastic plugin. (Check out its awesome PodPress import feature…) PodPress was great back when it was active, but I don’t think I’d trust MightySeek with it again — who’s to say they won’t decide to disappear again?

  5. Resmyrranda (3 comments.) says:

    I DEFINATELY would love to see Podpress be in development again. I had to switch to Blubrry which is a fine one indeed but it doesn’t have quite the same stat support I like to see and it seemed to give me issues since the latest update. Sooooo I tried Podpress again, the player is wiggy but replacing it with a button and download link instead works just fine on WP 2.8 +. But would rock to have it Podpress updated. Hope the developer sees all this love on here:)

    • gerrica says:

      I DEFINITELY agree with Resmyrranda,although I’m not too happy with the PodPress player’s lack of functionality.

    • Rob Blatt from Blubrry (1 comments.) says:

      What issues did PowerPress give you? We’ve had very little complaints concerning compatibility.

      • Resmyrranda (3 comments.) says:

        Oh thank you for asking. With the most recent Blubrry Plugin upgrade, my audio files (mp3s) no longer played, they just constantly buffered. Having been an internet radio producer and then podcaster for almost 10 years while using WP most of that time, I knew it could be a zillion different reasons, other plugin issues, theme issues, etc. I tried everything I could think of down to deleting and starting all over with the plugin but no dice.

        To be honest I just didn’t feel like spending hours on end figuring it out and needed to have something in place that works but as you can see, both now seem to have issues:) I’ll try any suggestions you have gladly:)

  6. Bill says:

    I used podpress a lot for clients, but the plugin was basically destroyed because of feature bloat and bad decisions about how to add new features.

    As a matter of fact, I talked to the developers of powerpress this week about this issue, which they were aware of, and are smartly adding new features. I could never go back to podpress because of the proven unreliability of both the plugin and developer. Too bad because it basically kicked off easy podcasting on wordpress.

  7. Matt says:

    I don’t think I’d be trusting these guys anytime soon to be on the ball with this plugin; they pretty much disappeared off the face of the planet. By the looks of it, they may be doing the same thing again (silent since August). There are other plugins out there that do the same thing and are actively being developed.

  8. gestroud says:

    I couldn’t have said it better, bilgisayar servisi. Oh, wait a minute! That’s exactly what I said about nine comments up. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But you get an F for lack of originality. ;-)

  9. gestroud says:

    I also suggest that the link be removed from your post. :-p

  10. Todd Cochrane (1 comments.) says:

    For those running powerpress we have archived podpress stats available, and of course you can use the free stats we provide that are far far far superior to anything the podpress ever offered.

    The powerpress plugin surpasses all of the features that where ever in podpress. Plus you do not have to deal with the heavy server overhead that podpress was famous for.

    We put out updates on a regular basis and the plugin is financially backed by a profitable company in the podcasting space.

  11. Shawn Honnick (3 comments.) says:

    Wow, I had no idea this wasn’t even actively developed until the admin of a blog I created contacted me this week to say that the player wasn’t working. It’s a very active site, so it had worked until this week.

    The version of WordPress was somewhat ancient (in web years), so I updated that and then the plugin, but the player still doesn’t work.

    Is there a quick, easy way to start using a different plugin with hundreds of audio posts already on the site or would this be a manual process?

    Any suggestions?


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