Which OpenSource CMS Has The Best Brand Strength?

October 21st, 2009

opensourcecms2009CMSWire in partnership with Water And Stone has released their 2009 Open Source CMS Market Share report. The report is free if you care to dive in and look at look at the results which were comprised of over 1,000 respondents. I don’t think anyone will be surprised to know that the top three systems represented in the survey are Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. However, unlike last year, all three switched top metrics with Joomla taking the popularity prize. However, WordPress dominated the brand strength category. According to CMSWire, they think that having two projects with the same name contributed a large part to the branding strength of WordPress. the free hosting service enables users to get their feet wet encouraging them later on to take the plunge to self install WordPress. To veterans in the WordPress community, this branding is a nightmare but it’s obviously had a positive effect in terms of mind share.

I encourage you to take a look through the report to find more detailed information on some of the different metrics that the big three swapped around. It’s good to know though that WordPress is still at the top of it’s game with Joomla and Drupal each holding their ground. It’s a win-win for end users and consumers alike as we have three top tier platforms to choose from.




  1. byron (20 comments.) says:

    It’s been interesting to me that at our local PHP meetup group here in St. Louis, Drupal has been the CMS of choice for people to develop on top of, with Joomla being the second favorite and viewed as a little more newby friendly, and I’m the lone WordPress guy, at least at the 2 meetings I’ve been at. The freelance contractors mostly preferred Drupal, and the folks building out a site for themselves seemed to like Joomla.

    It is a rather small sample size (8-10 people), but there you go. I’d be interested to hear what others’ experiences are.


    • Dominic (1 comments.) says:

      I’m a WP guy and prefer it over everything else I’ve tried. Most at our PHP group are split between Joomla and Drupal.

  2. manga (24 comments.) says:

    I´ve started looking at Joomla a bit and while it shows promise, I feel that I must have gotten of on a wrong foot since it won´t allow me to publish my posts on a local install.

    First impression though: Wow there is a lot to do and work with. But for some odd reason so far I still prefer wordpress :p Must be because I´ve spent some time in it now.

    Good to hear that WP is getting prizes. It deserves it.

  3. James Tryon (3 comments.) says:

    WordPress all the way. Drupal is nice, but can be a system hog. Stay away from joomla

  4. Corleone (1 comments.) says:

    I think Joomla is the best. WP is just good for simple blogs. Joomla has more modules than Drupal but Drupal is also nice.


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