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October 12th, 2009
WordPress News

Last Thursday, the WordPress core development team got together to discuss the upcoming version of WordPress. In this meeting, it was announced that WordPress 2.9 is now feature frozen meaning additional features would be postponed to the next branch. The first proposed release date of WordPress 2.9 was October 31st but that goal is not attainable. Instead, expect to see Beta 1 around October 31st with release candidates released during the month of November. Depending on what happens during the testing phase, we may see WordPress 2.9 stable released during the second half of November or early December.

Expect to see details regarding how to participate in the testing process show up on the WordPress development blog within the next week or so.




  1. Rob (2 comments.) says:

    I would like to see the media metadata feature slipped into this. Is there a link available to what’s new in 2.9?

    • Jeff Chandler (171 comments.) says:

      Not that I know of. I know in quite a few of the developer meetings, the topic of meta data and meta tables came up quite often but I’m not sure of the decision that was made.

      This is the closest thing I could find for you but I’d take it with a grain of salt as that page is most likely not set in stone but just a rough outline.

      • Mark Fulton (2 comments.) says:

        Doesn’t seem like anything too exciting listed on the features there. The “trash” status and post recovery sounds like a great idea. I’m all for advancement though, looking forward to release and more details from beta testers!

  2. Ryan Rampersad (9 comments.) says:

    I’m excited. Did the meeting perhaps make a public list of new features/fixes?

    • Jeff Chandler (171 comments.) says:

      While there are things being worked on, it’s still too early in the game to be listing features or fixes that will ship with 2.9 since some of the features may not be coded in time or may prove to be too problematic to be included. Would be bad to supply empty promises.

  3. Harsh Agrawal (8 comments.) says:

    Great ! I will wait for the final release, beta versions are usually to find the bugs..

  4. sorin (1 comments.) says:

    the trash and editor image – 2 new features in WordPress 2.9

  5. Lester Chan (32 comments.) says:

    I know I sound bad, but I hope it gets delay till next year because I will be away for the whole month of December =p

  6. Dana@Online Knowledge (3 comments.) says:

    Can not wait for it. It is always interesting for WordPress new version release because usually there are many new good feature. :D

  7. V.C (44 comments.) says:

    I can’t understand why they need to release wordpress new version 2.9 when the current version wordpress 2.8.4 is running well and stable.
    That’s no point.

    • bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

      its about improvement, new features added, you don’t stop developing an application just because its stable. If all programmers had that kind of thinking, nothing good would ever get done in this country.

  8. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    At some point, I’d like to see openID support in wordpress, as an optional way for users to register.

    nobody registers for individual blogs, even celebrity blogs. I understand some people don’t like relying on a separate server, like OpenID, but thats why I suggest, as an option in the settings, something that you can turn OFF for those whiners out there. but I think alot of people would take advantage of openID registrations, it could be included in the gravatar system. I suggest openID because it covers all the major social sites, so your not adding support for facebook, then twitter then hotmail then yahoo all separately, its call covered under openID.

    • Paul Gailey Alburquerque (1 comments.) says:

      There´s enough plugin support for OpenID in WordPress to satisfy that need.

  9. Hicham (36 comments.) says:

    This is very interesting although I think it’s a good idea to postpone the final end-user release to for example 1st Jan 2010 to make a milestone date by a new year. This might place good time for checking everything since it’s supposed to be a ‘bug-free’ version as much as the developers can plus giving the same timing for Plug-In developers to check with their work in case any enhancments are need to be implemented.

  10. Kondomgrößen (1 comments.) says:

    No!!! Today, I have updated to 2.8.4… *arghhh*

  11. Kristian says:

    Just one question,

    Do we have to update themes and plugins to work with the WP 2.9?

  12. Christopher (18 comments.) says:

    I don’t see the need for a “trash” for wordpress. I’d like to see a built in option for controling the number of revisions to keep.

    Perhaps they next version they can finally make wordpress multilingual.

  13. palPalani says:

    How to change publish date for selected posts?


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