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All the entries into the WordPress Plugin competition have been tallied and have been passed on to the judges. There are 43 entries in total that we have received. They are all listed below with an announcement about each plugin. You can also download a zip file with all the plugins in it, use them at your leisure and then rate them on the plugin competition blog. (If the plugin is not listed on the plugin competition blog, the authors have not followed the rules and they will not benefit from the user ratings) These plugins are listed in no particular order. If you submitted your plugin and it is not on this list, please contact us using the form above.

  • Frederick Townes : W3 Total Cache
    W3 Total Cache is a plugin designed to improve user experience via a suite of performance enhancements consisting of a database cache, page cache, minify support with content delivery network support, media library import and more.
  • Marcel Bokhorst : One Time Password
    This simple to use plugin enables you to login to your WordPress weblog using passwords which are valid for one session only. One-time passwords prevent stealing of your main WordPress password in less trustworthy environments, like internet cafés, for example by keyloggers. For each login you can choose between using your main password or a one-time password. The one-time password system conforms to RFC 2289 of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
  • John Lamansky : SEO Ultimate
    This all-in-one SEO plugin can handle titles, noindex, meta data, canonical tags, 404 error tracking, and more.
  • Matt Martz : AJAX Plugin Helper

    An Ajax Plugin Helper for the WordPress admin plugin page. Adds Ajax activate, deactivate, delete and upgrade functionality. Allows a user to activate, deactive, delete and upgrade plugins from the admin plugins page without leaving the plugins page. Also provides an Ajax Upgrade All button for upgrading all plugins requiring upgrades using Ajax. This plugin was designed to meet the needs of bulk plugin upgrades and a more efficient upgrade process to decrease the amount of time required to update the plugins for your blog.
  • Peter WestWood : WordPress Beta Tester

    WordPress Beta Tester allows you to get involved with the WordPress development process by making it easy for you to get early access to nightly builds and beta releases using the core upgrader.
  • Godfrey Chan : Section Widget
    This plugin provides a way to display section-sepecific content on your sidebar with an easy to use interface. This new version comes with tabs support, so creating your tabbed section widget is just a few clicks away. Plus, with shortcode support, the possibilities are limit-less!
  • Hassan Jahangiry : Fitr Theme Options
    Fitr Theme Options helps theme designers to make a diverse and rich option page for their themes. It makes template customizing easy and bring more fun to WordPress!
  • Stephanie Leary : Recent Posts with Excerpts widgets
    Creates widgets that list your most recent posts with excerpts, optionally limited to a category. The number of posts and excerpts is configurable; for example, you could show five posts but include the excerpt for only the most recent. Supports the_excerpt Reloaded and Advanced Excerpt for excerpts with HTML formatting.
  • Stephanie Leary : Import HTML Pages
    This plugin imports a directory of files as either pages or posts, according to configurable settings.
  • George Spyros : Rich Related Posts
    The purpose of the plugin is to facilitate related posts functionality where posts can be enriched with groups of links to blog posts (or other sites), defined by headline and thumbnail.
  • George Spyros : Get Shortlink
    Get Shortlink places a button in your theme which allows visitors to grab the short url of that page by copying the shortlink to their clipboard. Supports shortening services tinyurl, digg,, and also allows you to generate custom shortlinks based on your site’s domain name.
  • Emmanuel GEORJON : EG-Delicious-Sync
    EG-Delicious-Sync is a set of tools, to backup Delicious, or synchronize links and tags between WordPress and Delicious.
  • Anna-marie Redpath : amr-personalise
    “Amr personalise” allows one to personalise wordpress emails, or content for a logged in user. It offers shortcode type functionality in any email template or page or post. It extracts the user data of the logged in viewer or email address. A default text can be specified for situations where there are no stored name details (ie not logged in, or no names provided – eg: with the plugin subscribe2.
  • Anna-marie Redpath : amr-users
    The amr-users plugin allows an administrator to design their own users lists or reports. It offers a basic set of lists to start with to get you going and almost unlimited ability to dig deep into user meta values and generate focused tailored listings.
  • Takayuki Miyoshi : Acts as Group
    This plugin provides a simple way for inter-user communication to multi-user blogs.
  • Sudar Muthu : WP IRC
    WP-IRC Plugin is a WordPress Plugin which can fetch the number of users online in any IRC channel and can be scheduled to auto refresh it every x minutes.
  • Sudar Muthu : Tweetbacks Helper
    Tweetbacks Helper is a helper Plugin for Tweetbacks Plugin to help it detect more tweets. Tweetbacks is a great Plugin by Yoast which can be used to retrieve tweets about your blog posts from Twitter and import them as comments in your WordPress blog.
  • Sudar Muthu : Posts by Tag
    Posts by Tag WordPress Plugin, provides sidebar widgets which can be used to display posts from a specific set of tags in the sidebar.The Plugin caches the posts of each widget separately, and issues database queries only when needed. This will reduce the amount of database queries involved for each page load and will therefore be light on your server.
  • Sudar Muthu : Geo Mark
    Geo Mark is a WordPress Plugin which will automatically locate Geo information in your WordPress posts using Yahoo Placemaker and YQL API’s.
  • Sudar Muthu : Easy Retweet
    Easy ReTweet is a WordPress Plugin, which let’s you add retweet or Tweet this buttons for your WordPress posts, together with the retweet count.
  • Tobias Bäthge : WP-Table Reloaded
    WP-Table Reloaded enables you to create and manage tables in your WP’s admin area. No HTML knowledge is needed. A comfortable backend allows to easily edit table data. You can include the tables into your posts, on your pages or in text widgets by using a shortcode or a template tag function. Tables can be imported and exported from/to CSV, XML and HTML.
  • Ryan Hellyer : PixoPoint Menu
    Adds an SEO friendly, accessible regular or dropdown menu to your WordPress blog. You can style the menu by using our easy to use editor interface to create the perfect looking menu for your site.
  • Dan Cole : Theme Options
    This plugin adds Theme Options to any theme and provides a way to add and manage code snippets.
  • Keiko Rabe : WP Native Dashboard
    The main goal of this plugin is the definition of languages that WordPress backend can be used with. This definition can only be managed by administrators, any other user can’t change this settings.
  • Robert Pfotenhauer & Oliver Schlöbe : WordPress Dashboard Twitter
    Twitter is everywhere. So why not in your WordPress Dashboard? WordPress Dashboard Twitter lets you update your status, send direct messages, follow your mentions, list direct messages, sent messages and your favorites in a simple tab interface. All in a single widget. WordPress Dashboard Twitter turns your Dashboard into a Twitter client.
  • Kirby Witmer : User Count
    User Count is a WordPress plugin that simply displays the number of users who have an account on your blog to the WordPress admin dashboard. It also lists the number of users per role.
  • Greg Mulhauser : Greg’s High Performance SEO
    Greg’s High Performance SEO configures over 100 characteristics important for on-page SEO, while loading only around 600 lines of code per ordinary page view and playing nicely with other plugins. No output buffer hacks, no unnecessary admin code overhead foisted on ordinary readers, just high performance SEO goodness.
  • Brian Messenlehner : WP-Announcements
    The WP-Announcements plugin is ideal for websites or blogs that would like to display a site wide announcement, featured post, important message, community notice, advertisement, survey form, email subscription form, emergency alert or anything you can publish in a post as a marquee or popup window using ShadowBox-JS or ThickBox.
  • Brad Williams : Post Google Map
    This plugin allows you to add multiple addresses to a post/page and have those addresses automatically plotted on a Google Map in a sidebar widget. This is a great plugin to help localize your stories, events, news, etc.
  • Brad Williams : WP-Devel
    The WP-Devel plugin for WordPress features a ton of debug options to help developers. Debug information is easily turned on/off from the WP-Devel toolbar.
  • Stephanie Leary : Next Page
    This plugin provides shortcodes and template tags for next, previous, and parent navigation in pages. It allows WordPress pages to emulate Drupal’s book navigation.
  • Oliver Schlöbe : Changelogger
    For many many people a changelog is a very important thing; it is all about justifying to the users why they should upgrade to the latest version of a plugin. Changelogger shows the latest changelog right on the plugin listing page, whenever there’s a plugin ready to be updated.
  • Anthony Montalbano : The WordPress Bar
    Seen the DiggBar on Add a similar feature to your WordPress blog. Use your blog as a short link service with Easy Link Creation. Feature any link on the internet with a custom URL such as Also feature social network links such as Facebook, Twitter, and Digg.
  • Scribu : ImageShack Offloader
    ImageShack Offloader is a plugin that allows you to seamlessly offload your images to ImageShack to save server resources.
  • Frank Bültge : Debug Objects
    The Plugin Debug Objects (Blogpost) provides the user, which has the appropriate rights, normally the administrator, a large number of information. Values and content get displayed at the frontend of the blog, to analyze errors but also to better understand WordPress.
  • Chris Northwood : Live Blogging
    Live Blogging is a plugin developed to support blogs that are doing live micro blogging of running events, such as major sport events or tech conferences.
  • Vladimir Prelovac : Navbar
    Navbar is a WordPress admin plugin which adds a handy navigation bar to organize your WordPress blog shortcuts.
  • Jens Törnell : WP Update Message
    Add a short note about the latest changes in the current post or page. Activate it and it work instantly. All the settings are optional.
  • Hiroaki Miyashita : Max Image Size Control
    Max Image Size Control plugin adds the functionality to change the max image size each category and post.
  • Matt Harzewski : Tweetable
    Tweetable is a WordPress Plugin intended to help integrate Twitter into your blog. It can tweet your blog posts as they are published. (URLs are shortened with the URL shortener of your choice, and Google Analytics campaign tags can be included.) You can display your latest tweet(s) in your blog sidebar with a customizable widget, which can also display your follower count.
  • Matt Gibbs : Widget Block
    Create “Block” widgets that can be set up to only display on certain pages. This lightweight plugin is similar to Drupal Blocks. You can use this plugin to avoid having to create several different widget “regions”. Once activated, you’ll see a new type of widget: “Block”.
  • Ron Rennick : Advanced Export for WP and WPMU
    Working with a single large export file can be difficult. Use this plugin to create multiple export files that contain sections of your blog. This plugin has been tested on WP& WPMU versions 2.7 – 2.8.2
  • Mika A Epstein : Ban Hammer
    We’ve all had this problem. A group of spammers from are registering to your blog, but you want to keep registration open. How do you kill the spammers without bothering your clientele? While you could edit your functions.php and block the domain, once you get past a few bad eggs, you have to escalate.



  1. neel (1 comments.) says:

    Nice Plugin list. I will like to use them in my upcoming projects.

  2. mercime says:

    What an outstanding and amazing amount of talent we have in the WordPress Community. Thank you all for sharing your gifts. Cheers.

  3. WindowsObserver (55 comments.) says:

    Mercime – I could not agree more on that comment!

  4. Andrea_R (29 comments.) says:

    I see a LOT of good ones up there, and taken a few of them for a spin. The judges are going to have a hard time.

  5. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    unfortunately though, none of these plugins are useful to me. The W3 Cache plugin, for instance, requires APC or memcached, which I don’t have on my web hosting account, and they won’t install it for me, so really none of these plugins are of any use to me really. :(

  6. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    I was kinda hoping either JanRain RPX or Gigya Socialize would be included in the plugin competition. I like JanRain because users can comment using their already existing myspace, facebook, gmail, etc accounts, since nobody ever registers for a blog just to make a comment. That plugin has been the most useful to me of all the 900+ plugins that are available for wordpress.

  7. Andrew Keir (4 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the retweet plugin, its exactly what ive been looking for.

  8. KatVibes (1 comments.) says:

    Awesome list. I’ve already downloaded and trying a few out on my various sites. Hard to believe that anyone couldn’t find at least 1 out of the bunch worth trying. My favs are: Post Google Maps, Next Page, Widget Block, WP Update Message, Dashboard Twitter, …. oooh…so many!

    Thanks to all the developers and the WordPress Community. And I do share my thanks by making donation or paying for support sometimes!

  9. Flick (28 comments.) says:

    I’m hoping that WP-Table Reloaded does well. It’s one of those plugins that – if you suddenly find you need to insert a table into your content easily (or your user/customers need to maintain it) – then this plugin, originally conceived by Alex Boelinger of NextGEN Gallery, and brought up to date by Tobias Bäthge, will be amazingly helpful.

    Once you use it for something, you’ll want to keep using it and wonder how you could have done without it in the first place.

    Some of the other plugins provide functionality I never even thought was possible via a WordPress plugin. That’s what I really love about this plugin competition :)

  10. Spunky Jones SEO (1 comments.) says:

    There are some really good plugins listed here and some new ones that I think that would be worth trying out. Maybe next time around, I might be able to get one of my plugins entered, if you run another contest.


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