Lester Chan aka GaMerZ Updates his Plugins for WordPress 2.8

June 15th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

After upgrading my website to WordPress 2.8 Baker I knew there would be a flurry of activity as plugin developers updated their stuff for the latest version of WordPress.

However, when I logged in to my admin panel and saw that 6 plugins had upgrades after a very short time frame since I had last checked I suspected one author might have updated their stuff.  My suspicion was right.

The prolific WordPress plugin programmer Lester Chan had updated all of his WordPress plugins to be compatible with WordPress 2.8. If your unfamiliar with Lester’s work than you are missing out on some of the best plugins for WordPress and I highly recommend you check them out.

So how popular is Lester’s work? Check out his Top 10 Downloaded Plugins (borrowed from his website as of this posting):

  • WP-Polls – 241,750 downloads
  • WP-PageNavi – 232,786 downloads
  • WP-PostRatings – 155,396 downloads
  • WP-PostViews – 102,572 downloads
  • WP-UserOnline – 99,047 downloads
  • WP-Print – 98,069 downloads
  • WP-DBManager – 97,533 downloads
  • WP-EMail – 87,049 downloads
  • WP-Sticky – 80,091 downloads
  • WP-Stats – 51,005 downloads
  • I say that makes them a good investment of your time to help improve your own WordPress website.




    1. eris (1 comments.) says:

      Yes, even I was surprised to see that his plugins were ready for wordpress 2.8. Opensource works because of dedicated people like him.

    2. Lester Chan (32 comments.) says:

      Thanks so much for the kind compliments =)

    3. Bonochromatic says:

      Lester is the bomb! I emailed him about a plugin conflict last weekend and he’d emailed me back within a few short hours – now they’re working nicely thanks to his timely advice.

      You’re right, if more people like Lester turned their efforts toward Open Source, there wouldn’t BE a question about whether to use open source or not – ’cause that’s all there would be.

    4. netster (1 comments.) says:

      He’s a brilliant guy! No question about it :)

    5. Kenji (7 comments.) says:

      I haven’t seen that the documentation on GamerZ’s site has been updated for his latest plugins. I know they support WordPress 2.8, but does that mean a) that the older versions did not, or b) that the newer ones do not support WordPress 2.7?

    6. Lester Chan (32 comments.) says:

      @Bonochromatic @netster Thanks for the compliments :)

      @Kenji I just updated it. It will support WP2.8 only.

    7. Joe (6 comments.) says:

      Yep, I was impressed as well… although I didn’t notice any problems with the older versions on 2.8

    8. Ted Szukalski (6 comments.) says:

      I have used Lester Chan’s WP-PageNavi plugin for a long time and it is admirable how quickly he updates the plugins to work with each release. very commendable.

      I’d like to see the plug-in and theme authors to pay more attention to valid HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I found myself editing a plugin or two just to make my pages validate or render without small js errors. Interestingly, plugins, which required fixes came from bigger companies rather than from individual developers.

      Also, and this is a bigger topic, I’d like to see the new queuing functions for CSS and JavaScript to output all of these elements in each respective queue output via a single request with some minification applied (white space and CR/LF removed at least). Thus reducing the number of HTTP requests and improving page performance.

    9. Shane says:

      When I just uploaded both the Download Manager and the Post Ratings plugins, the widgets were removed during the installation but are no longer available. Is this normal? I can’t find d/l links for the latest versions of the widgets.

    10. Hicham (36 comments.) says:

      This is the best place to salut + congratulate Lester Chan ‘GaMerZ’ for his outstanding plugins that made many normal WordPress users like me satisfied with their blogs.

      Thanks so much, GaMerZ :)

    11. Webdev (11 comments.) says:

      Well, well. Lester was very fast, however their plug-ins (version 2.40) worked well for WordPress 2.8 Baker too.

    12. Lester Chan (32 comments.) says:

      @Joe @Ted @Hicham
      Thanks for the compliments =)

      The widget has now been merge with the main plugin file so that you do not have to activate 2 plugins anymore =)

      Yeap, 1.40 will work with WP2.8 as well. 1.50 focus on loading JS in the footer as well as the new widget class.

    13. Martin (20 comments.) says:

      Great work once again Lester Chan! I use 5 of those plugins and they have always worked flawless :)

    14. Dhamphy (4 comments.) says:

      Congratulations!!! it seams that I would be an addition to the people who admire your works.. Keep it up…


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    5. elarequi (Eduardo Larequi) (2 comments.) says:

      Uno de los mejores autores de plugins para WP ha actualizado los suyos, para que sean compatibles con WP 2.8:

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