WordPress Theme Releases for 05/31




3 column, widget ready, adsense friendly template with space for a 468×60 banner targeted at technology blogs

Garland Revisited

Garland Revisited

A flexible, three-column theme with customizable colors.



3 column, gravatar ready theme with two widget ready sidebars,



The theme is in magazine style and features an absolutely massive “Twitter FollowMe” icon, which is not only extremely attractive but quite useful too.

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  1. mupet (1 comments.) says:

    Nice themes :D

  2. George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:


    RedTime theme looks nice and clean to me.

    It has a huge twitter image on the right which can not be missed.

  3. Babs (42 comments.) says:

    I’m already using Garland Revisited on my writer’s blog. I’m quite happy with the designer’s recent changes and even happier with his prompt responses to issues.

    • Pross (4 comments.) says:

      Thx Babs :)
      For some reason wordpress themes still shows version 1.0.0 (which has a bug in functions.php) as the latest, ive uploaded 2 new versions since then.

      • Babs (42 comments.) says:

        I got 1.0.0 which I thought was the latest. *sheepish grin* 1.1 is listed on the themes page now.

        So, any bells and whistles I might be missing?

      • Babs (42 comments.) says:

        Correction. I’m using 1.0.0 but with the fixed file.

  4. Simran (1 comments.) says:

    Vista84 is superb theme :)

  5. danar (2 comments.) says:

    wp blue much better.. or maybe i like blue collor

  6. Landman says:

    The Garland Theme is looks exactly like drupal.

  7. 24Seven (3 comments.) says:

    Great themes – Can’t wait until 2.8 is released and see what themes will be available then! Great job guys.

    • Babs (42 comments.) says:


      I can’t wait until the version that has the fixes for the ping/trackback issues many are experiencing is released. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to be 2.8. :P

      Once that’s done then I’ll get excited over the new themes designed for that release.

  8. Harris (1 comments.) says:

    excellent themes. worth recommending to others


  1. blognews (blognews) (104 comments.) says:

    [planet wordpress]: Weblog Tools Collection: WordPress Theme Releases for 05/31: Vista84

    3 c..

  2. WordPressYes (WordPress Yes!) (94 comments.) says:

    WordPress Theme Releases for 05/31: Vista84

    3 column, widget ready, adsense friendly template with space for a ..

  3. kovshenin (kovshenin) (6 comments.) says:

    #WordPress Theme Releases for 05/31

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