WordPress Plugin Release for 12/05

May 12th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

Free eBay Store

Allows you to automatically display eBay listings on your blog. You just add a simple tag to a post or page, along with your eBay Campaign ID, and the relevant keywords for the products to be displayed. You can also optionally specify the number of rows and columns to specify the layout of your eBay store. Why pay to build an eBay store when you can build one for free?

ImageShack Offloader

Allows you to have your images uploaded to and served from ImageShack to save server resources.

Display Name Author Permalink

Replaces the username for author permalinks with the users display name. Returns a 404 if the author permalink using the actual username is used.

Updated Plugins

GD Star Rating

GD Star Rating is post, page and comment rating plugin for WordPress. Plugin supports different image sets, rating moderation, vote rules, time restricted voting, templates, trend calculations, multi ratings, templated rendering, has a widgets build in and extensive shortcode support.

WordPress PageRank

Display your Google PageRank on your blog

Easy Adsenser

Easy AdSenser, a popular plugin to manage Google AdSense, has been updated to add a few more languages and a few features that may make you few more bucks!

WP Simpleviewer

WP-Simpleviewer enables you to easily add SimpleViewer Flash galleries to your posts and pages. The admin interface helps you to create the thumbs for a new gallery and change its settings.

Feed Reading Blogroll

The plugin improves your blogroll by displaying the freshness and the latest post-title of your bookmarks.

WP Table Reloaded

This plugin enables you to create and manage tables in the admin-area of WordPress. You can then show them in your posts, on your pages or in text widgets by using a shortcode.




  1. George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:

    I tried the ebay store plugin, but I could not find my campaignid. Maybe I did something wrong but it is a great idea anyway.

    • GeekLad (2 comments.) says:

      Did you have problems with the widget, or using the shortcode to display a store within a post?

      • George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:

        I had a problem with the shortcode.

        • GeekLad (2 comments.) says:

          Did you use something like [ebay campaignid=”01234567890″ keyword=”product name”] where 0123456790 is your campaign ID and product name is the type of products you want to display?

  2. Lars Karlsson (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks for a nice collection. Is it possible to add some screenshots in the future?

    • Perurry (24 comments.) says:

      It is very difficult to post screenshots of plugins, many don’t have or don’t need a screenshot.


  1. blognews (blognews) (104 comments.) says:

    [planet wordpress]: Weblog Tools Collection: WordPress Plugin Release for 12/05: New Plugins ..

  2. WordPressYes (WordPress Yes!) (94 comments.) says:

    WordPress Plugin Release for 12/05: New Plugins Free eBay Store Allows you to automatically display eBay listing..

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