WordPress Plugin Releases for 02/20

February 20th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

WordPress Twitter Bot

Post your WordPress blog updates to your Twitter account

WordPress Wiki Plugin

The WordPress Wiki Plugin adds Wiki functionality to your WordPress powered website.

Plugin List

Lists current WordPress plugins used inside of page/post content.

Custom Logo

Replace WordPress default login/register page logo with custom one.


ImageMation lets you put a set of sliding images with captions on any of your WordPress page.

Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool

Improves your blog’s search engine optimization by “noindexing” pages you choose.

Faster Image Insert

Integrates media manager into edit panel meta-box, avoid having to reload it separately in thickbox pop-up, suitable for precise image control.

Custom Post Background

Create custom backgrounds or styles for your posts and pages.

Share On Facebook

This plugin adds a footer link to add the current post or page as a Facebook link.

Fast Tube

Fast and easy way to insert videos from YouTube right into your WordPress blog posts or pages.

Updated Plugins

Plugin Wonderful

An easy way to place your Project Wonderful ads into your Website. Downloads your adbox information and allows you to post your ads as sidebar widgets, template tags, or straight in your RSS feed.


“Decategorizer” removes ‘category base’ from your permalinks. Quick setup and no editing required. 301 redirections are added automatically.

WP Smart Sort

WP Smart sort offers advanced sorting of posts in your blog. Sort posts by Title, Date, Comment count, Custom Fields and more.


This plugin make it easy, Quicktags add to the editor. It is possible to ex- and import your Quicktags.

Viper’s Video Quicktags

Allows easy and XHTML valid posting of videos from various websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and more.

Quote Comments

Creates a little quote icon in comment boxes which, when clicked, copies that comment to the comment box wrapped in blockquotes.

Secure WordPress

Secure your WordPress Installation with small functions.


Powerful anti-spam plugin that virtually eliminates comment spam. Finally, you can enjoy a spam-free WordPress blog! Includes contact form.




  1. Fernanda Gomez (7 comments.) says:

    Thank you for the list

  2. George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:

    some nice plugins, I like the twitter bot.

    I must admit that there are loads of twiiter plugins

    Enjoy the weekend :)

  3. v1dz (3 comments.) says:

    Twitter is growing at a tremendous rate. This mini social blogging networking site has turned into something much bigger.

    There are so many twitter applications.
    Check here

    Also the number of plugins and everything.
    This twitter bot seems ineteresting, lets see.
    Nice update ;)

  4. Chung Bey Luen (14 comments.) says:

    WordPress Wiki Plugin looks interesting to me. I’m going to download and test it.

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