WordPress Theme Releases for 01/24




Two column, fixed width, widget ready theme. Premium paid versions of the theme are also available.



2-3 column, magazine style, gravatar ready theme with jQuery tabbed slider/teaser and movable / collapsible blocks with cookie support



Two column, fixed width, widget and gravatar ready theme with custom sidebar search, with 125×125 advertisement spots. Right sidebar version also available.

Journal Light


Template consists of two columns, supports widgets, comments, is static in size. In the pattern dominated by black and red.

Anonymous Elegance


Clean 2 Column theme with one sidebar on the left side, widget-ready fixed width theme sporting a basic elegance featuring pretty mauve and pinkish colors. It has an author info page, gravatars and author box along with Custom Archives, Sitemap and full width No Sidebars page templates.

So Simple


So Simple is a white, 2-column WordPress Theme with one-widget ready sidebar, containing mostly texts . Simple and clean, with very lightweight HTML and CSS. It’s compatible with WordPress 2.7. Check out the other themes as well on the same page.




  1. Alex (5 comments.) says:

    I notice that the magazine theme (EmersonNews) is not released with any sort of readme file of support. Which is a little odd seeing they do not provide any type of paid support for the theme.

    • Neil (6 comments.) says:

      Yeah i noticed that too, i have no idea how to get the theme working :(

      • Doug Gray (1 comments.) says:

        Your best bet is to probably install it either locally on your computer (which you can find out how to do here or to just install it on a sub directory on your current server such as and just make a few different articles, tags, categories and see how things play out. I have done it on my server and am still figuring out a few things with it still, but those are my suggestion if you really enjoy the format. Good luck.

  2. Evert says:

    First i had some trouble also to get this theme work properly. But when you activate this theme in your admin/dashboard, you’ll get an extra item in your admin called ‘EversonNews Options. There you are able to change all kinds of items, logo’s and the slider thing.

    Im thinking about changing to this theme, so let me know your experiences.

  3. Ron says:

    Actually this is one of the best themes I’ve seen in a while. Once you install it and play around with it, you will see what it can do. Also, you can look at the source code on the author’s website for more info, if you have a browser with the Web Developer addon.

    This theme has a lot of possibilities.

  4. Evert says:

    Yes i played with it for a while! And it’s pretty good! But still it reminds me of my previous theme (Original Premium News Theme by Woothemes, especially the admin area). Too bad it’s not possible to use widget now. I’m now trying to widgetize this theme.

  5. Alex (5 comments.) says:

    Thanks to everyone for your help. I found the option and got it working. I agree with you guys though. I am a little disspointed that it does not come with widget support. Now I will have to manually add widgets to the theme. Or get my developer to add the option.

  6. scochra1 says:

    EversonNews is not free any longer. He is charging $59 for it. From the comments here, that sounds like a grave mistake, charging for a broken theme.

  7. Carter says:

    Remove EversonNews. It is now a paid theme.

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