WordPress Plugin Releases for 01/19

January 19th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

Emo Vote

Emo Vote let’s you encourage your users be letting them express their feelings by “emoting” rather then voting. Emoting is a fairly simple activity, just press the button that describes your feeling towards the post you just read.

Use External Permalink

This plugin allows you to change the permalink of any post by adding a custom field to containing the external URL to the post.

Thread Twitter

Thread Twitter will fetch your tweets and display them in thread from.

Financial Freedom Graph

Create multiple graphs in your sidebar with this plugin. Track personal and financial goals.


Scans posts and extracts all the hrefs, rewrites them to include an onclick event which handles the tracking. Includes an extensive reporting area, the addition of tracking on links created in the Links area of the admin, incompatibility checking for Google Analytics plugin and an upgrade notification nag.


TrollGuard is a free WordPress plugin that protects your blog from spam comments. As it being used it learns to filter from your training. After a short while it has adapted to your personal blog and will detect incoming spam.

Visitor Counter Widget

The WordPress widget visitor counter is a simple counter widget displaying the number of readers in the sidebar of your WordPress blog. Scroll down for the English text.

Latest MobileMe Photos

This Plugin displays your latest photos uploaded to your MobileMe Web gallery.

No Comments On Pages

A tiny WordPress plugin which, when activated, disables posting of new comments to all pages and hides existing ones.

Updated Plugins

Multi-level Navigation

The plugin generates the code necessary to create a Son of Suckerfish horizontal dropdown, vertical flyout or horizontal slider menu.

Feed Reading Blogroll

The plugin displays for all your blogroll-bookmarks with a separately saved feed-url, when the most recent update has occurred at the bookmarked site. The latest update brings “Sorting by latest Update”, to sort the blogroll by the date of the latest post on the bookmarked sites.

Smart Ads

Automatically adds advertisements to the beginning and end of posts based on the post length, age of post, category, or blog member status.

Ajaxed WordPress

AJAXed WordPress (AWP) is a WordPress plugin that adds the power, usability and beauty of AJAX to any blog or WordPress based website. Its features improve the user experience, the administration capabilities and the design potential of any WordPress based blog. It works on all WordPress versions from 2.1 – 2.7.*.

Link Launder

The LinkLaunder SEO WordPress plugin sets out to automate link building between wordpress sites, quite automatically.


Plugin to embed WordPress Blog into Facebook Platform.

Fast Cat – fast categories widget

A highly optimized category list/tree widget for WordPress

Dashboard Links

Provides a dashboard widget for showing links from a certain link category on the dashboard.



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